How To Use 11 Foods To Beat Summer Heat To Desire This natural items will absorb heat from your body and will provide you with boast of energy due to its nutritional content.

Summer heat has started to increase the mercury level, and left us exhausted. This left us low in energy and dehydrated and we keep looking for cold items to cool ourselves.

But not all cold items keep us hydrated and maintain our energy levels for longer time. It is important we choose items which are healthy, maintain our sugar and water level balanced.

11 foods to beat summer

Here are 11 foods which keep your hydrated, maintain your energy level and at the same time provide your body with important nutrients to maintain your body health.

1) Coconut Water:

Easily available and inexpensive coconut, is good for health and help keep our body cool due to its cooling properties. Coconut water contains simple sugar which maintain your sugar level and hence your energy level. High Electrolyte content in coconut keep us hydrated for longer time.

2) Berries:

Ripe and juicy Blueberries, Blackberries and Strawberries contains more than 60% of water along with necessary antioxidants and sugar. Berries maintains our body water level.

3) Watermelon:

This summer fruit is more than 80% water and this makes it one of the most hydrating fruits. Bring home ripe watermelon, cool it and chill with your family.

4) Mango:

This King of fruits, is one of the reason Indians wait for summer. Chilled juicy Mango cool down your soul.

5) Lime water:

Simple fresh lime water is refreshing, can add salt or sugar based on your taste. Choose lime water over plain water as it retains water in your body.

6) Muskmelon:

High water content makes Muskmelon perfect summer treat. It prevents heat disorders and reduces water loss due to perspiration. Muskmelon is good for skin and also good source of Vitamin A & C.

7) Capsicum:

All bell peppers contains more than 90% water and full of antioxidants. Dress up your green salad or vegetables with this item and get a hydrating punch.

8) Curd/yogurt:

One can add Curd to daily food routine in various forms. Make chilled butter milk or add some fresh vegetables and make raita to eat with your meal. Add fresh fruits and cream to make a wonderful desert or a healthy brunch to keep yourself light.

9) Onions:

Having 80-90% water content, raw onion can absorb body heat and provide coolness by maintaining your normal body temperature. Often Raw onion is mixed with raw mango and eaten as a salad with your meal. Onion is good sources of various vitamins and contains mineral important for your body.

10) Tomatoes:

Available year round, tomatoes makes best nutritional combination for any food item making it delicious. Tomatoes are good source of Vitamin C & A and are low in calorie.

11) Mint:

This flavorful herb has very refreshing taste and provide coolness when you eat. You can make a dip or can add to fresh lime water or to your meal to make it more refreshing and flavorful.

People always tend to choose aerated drinks or other cold drink which often leave you more thirsty and exhausted and forget this natural foods which not only help you beat summer heat and provide coolness but are more beneficial for your good health.

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