50 Diet Tips for Eating Healthy at Parties Worried about holiday weight gain !!! ... Follow our healthy holiday eating tips and enjoy your holiday parties

Being a social animal on the planet earth we always indulge in the social activities with people around us. Either they are fellow mates, family or the professional clients. Talking with professional it is found that we always encounter ourselves in the parties either that are for the business or social gathering.

There we face a pinch of doubt between the healthy diet and tasty diet. Many of the folks are diligent about what they eat when they are home on their own turf, but find it hard to navigate the endless buffets and open bars at various events.

Same goes with when we choose to dine out with the family during weekends and weekly off. Restaurants know the key to your heart and your wallet is through your stomach. And while yes, the food and drinks are delicious, they can set you way over in the amount of calories and fat you need for a day.

healthy-eating tips and diet food tips

The good news is that you can still eat out without throwing a calorie bomb into your diet plan. You don’t have to be perfect you just need to do a little damage control.

All you need is a good game plan stating healthy eating tips and diet food tips, which you’ll find below :

#1 Never attend function starving or an empty stomach

Attending the parties and the functions with an empty stomach is not a good choice. As the hunger would make you crazy and you will take whatever without considering the diet and health. Try on some fruit or light snack before leaving to parties

#2 Just loop around the food in premises

Just take a look around the food items they are serving, this will give you the brief idea about questions like what to eat and how much to eat? How much is the most essential part of it.

#3 Find that special food which you usually don’t take

You must not go with the food you take in your daily routine. Go with special one, especially your favourite one. Spend your calories on the good stuff like scallops wrapped in bacon or special crepes which you take rarely and not on pigs and fries.

#4 Keep focus on veggies. Yes Veggies!

Veggies are the essential part of the diet. A healthy diet must have the veggies in it. If you are a fan of meat and loaf then try some veggies at starter. Carrots, broccoli and tomatoes are key source of vitamins and proteins.

#5 Put limits on alcohol

Avoid drinking the carbonated water and those drinks containing soda. Those are just empty calories. If you are having a juice-based drink, insist bartender to put a spritz of seltzer in with it.

#6 Keep yourself hydrated before the event

Keep yourself hydrated with the glass or two of water when you leave for the parties and also insist yourself to take it between the starter and main course and drinking.

#7 Have a Healthy Snack Before You Arrive

You will leave the party with an unhealthy diet if you arrive party starving. Hunger will lead you to the poor food choices leading to an unhealthy diet. A low-calorie, high-protein snacks like yogurt and salads could make you feel fuller and will help prevent overeating.

#8 Try to focus on the event rather than food

Spend time surfing, networking, talking to people, gazing the music, the company of people, the ambiance of the place that will keep you distract from food.

#9 Choose seat away from the food in the parties

Standing next to the food court or the bar makes it easy for you to hold throughout the event and keep getting yourself a drink. Choose your seat wisely.

#10 Opt out for the fruit based dessert rather than heavy calories

Make your pick on fruit dish compulsory, enjoy every bite of it, and then don’t go back for second. If you still feel like you want something else to eat, have a cup of coffee or tea rather than the second dish.

#11 Eat only to satisfy hunger

Most people attend parties to enjoy the lots of good and free food. People go crazy when they find their favourite food. You must only eat to satisfy the hunger of oneself but not to satisfy the taste buds.

#12 Try Eating Your Meal Mindfully

Just enjoy the taste and the aromas of the food. Take a dig at the flavours while eating and try to remember the memories attached with it. Peaceful and Mindful eating are key of the diet.

#13 Slow Down and Chew Thoroughly

Chewing your food thoroughly and eating slower could help you eat less. It can also make you feel fuller more quickly. This are tips by ancestors that when you’re eating, try counting a minimum number of chews per mouthful to stop yourself from eating too quickly.

#14 Choose Soup or a Salad to Start Over main course

Having a soup or a salad before your main course can stop you from eating too much of it.

#15 Share with Someone Else. Isn’t it a good gesture?

There is study showing that people who lost weight were mindful in sharing their meals. Usually they order half of it, if they are alone. This is the most formal and social statement of diet food tips.

If you follow-up the above guidelines when you visit parties then you will stand out with healthy diet along all of them. Now if you are dining out to some restaurants the follow the tips to odds out as healthy person. Below detailed healthy eating tips and diet food tips will act as nectar to your health.

#16 Check the menu

It is a pre preparation that you take a quick look at what they have to offer before you decide which restaurant is good to visit. You can see about healthy options and then pre-planning your meal to avoid last minute hurdles. And if they have a lot of fats, fried foods, calories? Just switch on to the next restaurant.

#17 Visit restaurants with a low calorie menu

Restaurants now they have to change with the times, and these times are call for healthy options with the fried and fattening shits. Being over a health conscious customers most of restaurants offer special low calories food for their heat gigs.

#18 Opt out for upscale

If money’s not your concern, opt yourself to go a fancier restaurants than the local food stalls and trucks. They use quality of healthy food over the local hotdog and grills.

#19 Make reservations in advance

More you wait for the food more your hunger will grumble. So if possible just make a reservations and also order it soon so it will be ready while you get there. This will keep you less starving.

#20 Check How Food is Cooked and Prepared in those kitchens

The way food is cooked in the kitchens can have a significant stroke on the amount of calories it had. Look for the words in menu steamed, grilled, roasted or poached. In general, these cooking methods related to less fat and therefore fewer the calories. Don’t be shy to ask the server.

#21 You must understand what you are eating

Make an effort to have some knowledge about the food you’re eating we all need to understand where food which you are eating comes from and how it affects our bodies in various manners. Understanding what to eat is key source in healthy eating tips.

#22 Order a Soup or a Salad to start your dine out

Having a soup or a salad before your main course can stop you from eating too much. Studies relating the effects of drinking soup before a meal have shown that it can reduce total calorie intake by 20%.

#23 Order Two Appetizers Instead of a Main

People eat more when they are served with bigger portions rather than smaller one. If you are going to a restaurant for dine in where you know the portions are huge, try ordering two appetizers instead of a main course.

#24 Have a Cup of Coffee Instead of Dessert

Skip dessert and order a coffee instead.

#25 Ask to Make A Healthy Swap

Vegetables are great foods, since they contain very few calories, and lots of healthy fiber and nutrients. For example, spinach and broccoli are extremely low in calories, but high in fiber, vitamin C and B12 and all sorts of beneficial plant compounds.

#26 Pay attention to the music and ambiance

Music acts like lubricants to the good health especially good and soft music. A study by researchers of Cornell University proved that people who dined in restaurants with lighter music stayed at the table longer than usual, but actually ate less food.

#27 Before eating, imagine yourself in mirror

Believe it or not, it is true that eating in restaurants that possessed with lots of mirrors will actually make us want to eat less. Researchers at the University of Central Florida observed 185 students eating either fruit salad or a piece of chocolate pastries. Some of them were placed in a room with a mirror; while some ate in a mirrorless room. The subjects who ate the chocolate pastries in the mirrored room actually said that the cake isn’t that much tasty while those in the non-mirrored room didn’t have any complaints. The reason? Researchers believe looking in a mirror makes people judge themselves harshly because they’re able to watch themselves eat.

#28 Beware of gluten free options

The term “gluten-free” has a health consciousness around it, meaning that many people keeps in mind that foods are healthy if they’re labelled as gluten-free. Sometimes the gluten-free options are even more caloric because the recipe may requires extra ingredients in order to withstand lack of gluten.

#29 Ask the server for help

Your server is there for your help and service! Ask his/her to explain everything about the options you are looking over on the menu. She can explain you what any unfamiliar words which you mean not to mention, He can recommend you the healthy food which you are looking into the menu.

#30 Triple the vegetables in you food

Vegetables are an afterthought on many restaurant entries, so ask your server to add extra percent of vegetables either in place of less healthy sides calories and fats or in addition. You might get a small recharge, but many times they’ll be happy to swap out vegetables as it costs more.

#31 Know the sizes of cuts you are taking

All cuts of meat and bacon aren’t of the same size. Skinless chicken breast is a far better option and healthy than the other fried fatty chicken legs, and beef. As for beef, let it keep out for names like top sirloin, bottom round and tip side steak, stay away from slabs of prime rib.

#32 Ask sausages on side of the plate

Restaurants don’t always prefer to tell you or indicate when they use extra butter, cheese or sauces to vegetables, loafs, meats and in your servings. Avoid those extra calories by requesting to cook without extra sausages and he butter over the dressings.

#33 Look into key healthy terms

Look out the words which indicate grilled, baked and boiled. All that words indicate that the food was cooked in the healthiest way ever possible. Of course, there’s always a chance that the restaurant could use butter or sauces in the preparation process of the food, but you know to request that they must remain plain on the plate and food.

#34 Order fish

Seafood is always a good choice, for healthy diet.

#35 Add on the more and more fruit

A piece of fruit can balance the sweetness of diet without increasing extra calories. Many restaurants offer a mixed fruit salads; but if choice is on yours opt for superfood fruits like raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries antioxidants and vitamins without a lot of sugar.

#36 Go for Tomato-Based Sauces Over Creamy Ones.

Choose tomato or vegetable-based sauces over creamy, buttered or cheese-based sauces to help cut out the calories and fat from your meal.

#37 Watch Out For Health Claims.

Even most famous “sugar-free” cakes and sweets still contain added “natural” sugars. These are still added sugars, they’re just not the table sugar or high fructose corn syrup traditionally used in cakes and candy.

#38 Skip the Pre-Dinner Bread Basket

If you went to a restaurant hungry, it’s easy for your body to overeat the nibbles provided to you before your meal. If you’re easily tempted in the flow, send them back.

#39 Liven up with spices

You learned now to ask for any sauces on the side, but eating healthy doesn’t mean it to give up flavour. Pump up the taste of food by adding a bit of salt and pepper, or ask for their selection of spices of your choice. Garlic salt, Paprika, chili powder and lemon can easily add extra zinggg to meats and vegetables without extra calories.

#40 Use the fork dip method

Want to help with in creamy dressings, but don’t want to add a ton of extra calories? Ask for it on the side of plate and then dip your fork in it before you load it up with lettuce and crunchy veggies of the food. That way you get a bit taste of the creamy stuff you crave without going crazy.

#41 Eat the lowest calorie portion first

Eating your lower calorie portion before the main part of your meal will help you fill your stomach without overdoing it. And if you do get full? Just put the rest in your next meal box for later meals.

#42 Skip the skin

It’s normal for restaurants to cook turkey, chicken, and duck and to leave the chicken on during the cooking process with the skin on, but you should take it off before eating it. The skin is loaded with a bunch of calories and saturated fat that you don’t have space for in a healthy diet.

#43 Put your fork down between bites

Quickly eating is a sure a crazy way to overeat. Give some space by putting down your fork between each bite to rest for a minute or so. This gives you the perfect amount of time to add to the lovable dinner conversation and gives you the chance to gauge your hunger level before taking another bite.

#44 Dress up nicely

There isn’t hard and rocket science to back this up, but dressing up for a dinner out at a restaurant even a casual one can change the way and the things you feel about the meal.

#45 Drink water throughout the meal

Many times we think we’re hungry though when we’re actually just thirsty. Alternate bites with big intakes of water. It’ll force you to slow down as you eat, and you’ll be better able to judge your level of hunger to keep you from overeating.

#46 Eat a large meal earlier in the day

It’s hard to overeat if you’re full from your last meal which you had taken earlier. If you’re going out to dinner, eat a large and heavy healthy lunch or at least a small-sized snack of hours before. That way you’re not diminished by the time you get to your table, allowing you to make better decisions when it comes to ordering.

#47 Plan an off duty or lighter activity after dinner

A nice walk after dinner will not only help you digest, it’ll keep you from ordering something heavy while out. Why? You simply won’t want to feel weighed down and heavy for a walk.

#48 Pop a mint when you’re done with the dessert

Announce that you’re done eating by popping in a mint after the last bite of your meal. Not only is weight loss one of the benefits of mint, but this helps you clear your palate because you won’t want to combine the taste of the mint with last bite of food.

#49 Keep active

Exercise is a most extremely important sector in staying healthy and fit so try to be as active as you can in your routine and mornings. Yoga and early morning exercise will help you out in it.

#50 Sleep well

What you do after the dinner? Sleep, right? Make sure you get enough sleep it’s an essential part of being healthy and can directly affects how well we are able to learn, grow and act in life. While we’re asleep, our bodies have that all-important time to repair and healing.

Not all but if you follow some of the healthy eating tips and diet food tips then you may observe change in you. No need of thanks!

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