The Difference between Heartburn and Heart Attack

The difference between a heartburn and a heart attack

Unusual pain in the chest after having a spicy steak for dinner that you mistook for a heart attack. Well, it might just be heartburn and not a heart attack.

Heartburn and Heart Attack

According to the doctors of tabba heart institute, the symptoms of a heart attack and heartburn may overlap and thus it becomes difficult for one to set them apart. We are here to help you settle the issue once and for all. This information is highly important as it promises that you can rule out any significant dreadful condition on an urgent basis.

In case you resonate with any of the given below information it is your utmost duty to consult with the nearest cardiologist for such matters.

What is Heartburn?

Heartburn is a condition in which the acid that is being produced in the stomach travels toward the mouth and thus reaches the esophagus. The esophagus is lined with several muscles that promise strength and guard the tract. But in case the stomach acid finds its way into this tube it might tamper with its strength and function.

Now on-page, it might sound horrific and very concerning, yes it is but just hear us out first. It is not entirely a dangerous condition because it does not mean that you are getting a heart attack.

Some of the heartburn symptoms that might signal this condition are as follows:

  • A severe burning sensation in the back of your chest bone
  • A pain that is excruciating and covers the areas of the throat but does not travel towards the arms and shoulders
  • A continuous burning sensation in the throat that signifies a sensation of fullness or indigestion of food
  • Acidic reflux of hot and sour at the back of the throat

These signs and symptoms can get amplified after a meal or when a person lays over or bend over.

What is a Heart Attack?

Heart attack is a serious medical condition in which a person suffers from more and less the above-mentioned symptoms. That is why the whole point of confusing the two conditions together.

Some of the common and bothering symptoms of a heart attack are as follows:

  • Pain that might originate from the left arm and then continues to radiate towards the shoulders and arms
  • Irregular heart rhythms
  • Severe pressure and tightness around the cheesy that might spread towards shoulders, arms, neck, and jaw
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Cold sweating
  • Difficulty in climbing a flight of stairs

All these above-mentioned symptoms are a clear indication that you might be in the middle of heart disease or a condition that needs first-hand medical assistance.

The medical treatment of heart attack depends upon the medical history of the patient. Sometimes if the patient has time he or she ends up getting a heart transplant or surgery to rectify the situation.

Treatments for Heartburn

There are given below treatments that a doctor might recommend in case of heartburn. These might include dietary changes, natural remedies as well as some exercises.

Foods that Ensure Hydration

Water content in vegetables and fruits is important because it promises to decrease the overall effects of acid content in the stomach. Some of the best choices for this are as follows:

  • Herbal tea
  • Cucumber
  • Lettuce
  • Watermelon

Foods with High Fiber Content

One should always rely on the medical prowess of fiber and the many wonders that it is. Several researchers have also communicated properly that people who consume fiber-rich foods are often at odds with developing cardiac complications such as heartburn and acidity.

Fiber-rich foods are also a great way to reduce the risk of heart attacks.

Natural Remedies

Some natural remedies for heartburn are as follows:

Drink Milk

You should always try to drink milk. It is not only good for your bones but also reduces the aftereffects of acidity and heartburn. But you have to consult with a doctor first because too much milk consumption also leads to the overproduction of acid.


Ginger is not just a natural spice to alleviate your dishes and all. It is also an antioxidant that can prove to be worthy for heartburn and acidity. You can boil some water with it and then drink it to rectify the symptoms of heartburn.


Physical activity is always a good thing for your heart and also for the treatment of heart issues. You can try some low-impact exercises to reduce the overall impact of heart conditions. Some lightweight exercises such as yoga and walking can also seal the deal.

In case you need any further assistance you should check out with your healthcare provider for more detailed information.

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