Workout and Fitness Tips for Winters – 2

The chilly wind touching your skin, the vibrant pashmina muffler draped around your neck, the warm fluffy wool knitted sweater, those long leather boots and a cup of hot latte! All these things make us so excited about winters. Winter isn’t just about cold weather; it’s an entire new season. With jingles all the way and New Year around the corner, you would not want to compromise on looking fit right?

Workout and fitness

Here are few easiest exciting workout and fitness tips for this winters.

1) Plan out an outing:

Well it’s a winter woe that your body will start storing more fats to keep you warm. A trek or hiking to any nearby destinations sounds good. It takes time to get accustomed to different temperatures, no matter if you’re going from cold to hot or vice versa. You must dress properly. Wear a few layers so that you can take them off as your body temperature increases. If you are really not a trekking or hiking person, then go for a winter walk. Just don’t stop walking.

2) Stick to your roots:

The most difficult task in winters is to get yourself out of that bed and the cozy quilt. Once you manage to get yourself out and if your lazy mode is still on, then all you need to do is get to the basics. Start working out like a beginner and do some easy level exercises like jumping jacks, stretching or some yoga should work out decent for you. If cold and late sunrise discourages you from morning exercise, try to take a brisk walk or an exercise class during your lunch hour.

3) A new set of goals:

Create a time line for your workout and short-term action plan; identify what you need to improve on and get stronger. Sign up for a marathon or a walkathon, prepare for it. You could also join a dance class or take some Zumba lessons. Hold on to this time of the year by chalking down and planning out what you’d like to accomplish during the next few months.

4) Innovate your own workout ideas:

For people who does not like to step out of the house at all can order online fitness DVD or go online and subscribe any fitness channels. If you do not want to spend money on subscribing fitness channels or buying fitness DVD, you can always use those stairs at your place or if available the basic gym equipment like the stationary bike or the treadmills. If you exercise at home do not forget to make it entertaining for yourself. Put on the television or some nice music or maybe call your friends too, stay motivated and workout without being bored. Many studies have shown that social support helps keep people active.

5) Yoga/ Pilates:

Yoga is always a good option to stay healthy, whether be winters or summers. It is suitable for children as well as adults.

  • It is a great way to keep the muscles limber.
  • Help in relaxation and stress busting.
  • Pilates builds a strong muscle core and also improves the body posture.
  • These exercises can be performed indoor, leaving you with no excuses.

6) Indoor Swimming:

If you have an option and have access to indoor swimming, then jump in and swim for at least 10 minutes.

  • Indoor swimming is good during winters for mental as well as physical health.
  • It is also said that swimmers tend to have a long life.
  • Swimming stimulates endorphins, and hence, you feel happier.

eat healthy, stay healthy

7) Just play it:

Okay, so you might not be a trekker or would not want to hit the gym or even ready to innovate your workout plan in the winter. So what you possibly could do is just get out of your house and play. Play any game you like (not FIFA on your play station), any sport you are thrilled by. It wouldn’t feel like working out at the same time you are burning all the butter and cheese that you ate with your pizza or pasta.

8) Try Fun Social Activities:

Winter fitness tips can also include fun and social activities, like playing bowling with friends, or dancing on your favourite track, or any such activities. They keep you active and let you get moving throughout the day.

Also, drink lots of water, eat healthy, stay healthy, workout smart and stay fit. Happy winters!

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