Winter Food Tips for Kids

When the temperature dips in, cold breeze blows all over and daylight becomes shorter; all these can cause a toll on the nutritional needs of the human body especially on the health of kids whose immunity system is still weak and in the development stage. Inappropriate intake of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats can cause seasonal affective disorder. As Robert Atkins say,


Winter season is widely known for the numerous variety of fruits which can be made available in the market. Some of these fruits are major source of nutrition for the kids. Regular intake of fruits can help to improve the resistance of body towards diseases. Some of the healthy fruits are:

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1) POMOGRANATE: Pomegranate juice is major source of antioxidants. It plays a major role in improving the flow of blood to the heart. Also they help in better digestion of the food.

2) APPLES: “An apple a day keeps a doctor away.” This saying holds completely true for this fruit; as this lovely red looking fruit is not only sweet in taste but is also good source of fibre and vitamin B- complex.

3) BANANAS: The yellow fruit is good source of energy along with it also provides with fibre, vitamin b6, manganese.

4) ORANGES: The fruit resembling the colour is a major source of vitamin c. It comes in the category of citrous fruit and so it is sour in taste but is a good source of fibre and is helps in proper digestion.

5) GRAPES: The ornamental appearance fruit is good for its health benefits and is used to improve immune system.

Some other fruits available during winter are: papaya good for its digestive properties, kiwi provides fibre, Amla/Gooseberry a good source of vitamin C, Passion fruit a good source of vitamin A & C.


Along with variety of fruits, market will be full of variety of vegetables too which provide great nutritional benefits. Eating vegetables in right quantity ensures that it provides with the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Some of the vegetables are:

1) CARROTS: Loaded with vitamin A and consists of antioxidants. It is essential for eyes and good immune system.

2) BEETS: BEETS are the color addition to any meal. Apart from this is is used for boasting energy and brain.

3) SWEET POTATOS: As name suggests, they are sweet having high fibre, vitamin A and potassium.

4) CAULIFOWER: Cauliflower is a favourite vegetable among kids, reason being its name associated with a flower! It’s good in taste and is a good source of vitamin A, C, K and B

Apart from traditional fruits and vegetables, there are various food items which are proven to be helpful in winters, Dry fruits like Almonds which apart from boasting the brain helps in developing immunity system. Cashew nut are a good source of fats. Apart from dry fruits there are grains such as sprouts which provide fibre. Bajra/Pearl Millet provides fibre and studies have shown that they are helpful in proper heart functioning.

Winter is the right season for most of the variety of food products being available, starting from vitamins rich food items to mineral rich fruits to fat rich butter products coming to energy rich meat products. However, winter’s is the same season is which ill effects on health are adverse, if not taken food in the right quantities at the right time. By following a proper check on the correct diet pattern of the benefits of the food items, health of the kids can be checked and be immuned from diseases.

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