White fruits and vegetable health benefits Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables! Fruits and vegetables are good for your health!

Our earth is full of very diverse flora. This diverse flora not only makes our earth colorful, but each colored flora having its own benefits. This is our post in our colored vegetables and fruits benefits list.

white begetable

For many years dietitians have advised eating brightly colors fruits and vegetables leading people to avoid white colored vegetables and fruits. Following this advice of dietitian, you have missed powerful health benefits of white vegetables viz. cauliflower, pears, white beans, garlic, mushrooms to name some.

White vegetables and fruits benefits list :


This Cruciferous vegetable is in the forefront of cancer research. Cauliflower-like other in Cruciferous family namely broccoli and cabbage contains Sulfur compounds called glucosinolates, which helps in maintaining healthy blood vessels and strengthening bone tissues.


This also is a Cruciferous vegetable, known for its cancer-fighting properties, as well as it also helps in controlling blood pressure.


Garlic is one of the important ingredients in most of all the cuisine. It is not important just because it makes food tastier, but also due to its medical benefits. Garlic contains antioxidant, which helps boost your immune system. Garlic can also cause acne to disappear and protects yours from colds and flu.


Pears antioxidants compound slow down carbs digestion that could cause blood-sugar spikes, helping in managing pre-diabetes, Pears due to its high fiber and being low in calorie, helps you in weight loss by making you feel fuller for a longer time. The high fiber content of pears also prevents constipation.


Like garlic, Onions are also an important ingredient of cooking. Onions contain quercetin, an anti-inflammatory chemical, which helps ease discomfort from arthritis. Quercetin’s have also been linked beneficial for fever, food allergies, heart disease, stronger immune system, and diabetes.


Mushrooms are fungi free from fat, gluten, cholesterol, low in calorie; yet are a powerhouse of wealthy minerals – riboflavin, niacin, potassium, selenium, and vitamin D. Mushroom helps you in controlling weight without compromising your tastes as they being filling and can make any simple dish tastier.

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