Weight Loss with Cardio Exercise Regimen It is high time to take care of our health and control the reins by performing exercises such as cardio and yoga for weight loss as well as a toned body.

Exercise plays a key factor in weight loss, people often hit the gym for rigorous work outs but often skip it considering the time factor. One major drawback of hitting the gym is that once left the person gains more weight than initially lossing it. However, regular cardio that can be done in an open park, in your house or any suitable location of your choice is an easy yet effective way out.

The following is a set of easy exercises that help you lose weight as well as increases flexibility.

Alternating side steps: In this exercise, you are going to start by stepping out on one side in a quad position alternatively with both your legs. Make sure your shoulders are parallel to the bent knees putting weights on either of the sides one by one. This exercise is a great cardio and also helps in tightening and toning the thighs. Additionally, it helps in gaining balance and control over the body.

alternating side steps

Lateral Lunge: Stay low and take one step sideways, stretching a leg to the full and putting all the weight on the other knee. Keep your toes pointing forward, back absolutely straight and head and chest up. The benefits of this exercise are almost similar as the Side Step exercise. It helps in toning and balancing the body giving it a proper posture and also help in developing quadriceps.

lateral lunge weight lose

Butt Kick: This is excellent for working and strengthening your hamstring and butt muscles. To perform this exercise, start simply with jogging at a place and bend your knee to the extent that the heel touches the hip. It is a great warm up exercise too.

Butt kick

Calf Raise: This exercise is something which you can easily do every day and everywhere. You simply stand straight on your feet and then slowly raise your heels shifting the body weight onto your toes. Calf raises strengthens the gastronomic and soleus muscles and control ankle motion improving the ankle stability.

calf raise

Squat: It builds muscle in your entire body and also burns fat quickly if performed correctly and regularly. Many people perform it in a wrong way which may lead to severe body ache so be careful to follow the instructions while performing it. Stand with feet and shoulder width apart. Put your hands on your thighs while looking upwards. Slowly move your hands down and bend your knees in a position like you’re sitting on a chair. Bend to the level where your elbows meet your knees. Make sure not to bend your spine while performing a squat. Hold for a few minutes.


Catwalk: This exercise involves walking in a way a cat does. It calms the mind, improves stability and relaxes the body. Also, helps in strengthening the knee joints.

cat wallk

Jumping Jack: It provides a full body workout as you move all your large muscle groups. Also when it is done on a regular basis for a longer duration, the body releases endorphin which acts as a painkiller and helps in relieving stress. Improves stamina and paces up the fat burning process. To perform jumping jacks stand with your feet together and hands on your sides then quickly take your hands above your head and back to the original pose. Continue repeating this for a few minutes.

jumping jack

Bridge calf raise: It is a good exercise for your buttocks as well as calf muscles and also helps in getting a flat belly. This can be performed by lying on your back with bent knees, heels on the floor and buttocks up. Hold the position for a few seconds. Make sure your back is in a straight position while you hold the posture.

bridge calf raise

Squat sidekick: It is performed in a body posture similar to a squat with knees bent, hips back and feet and shoulder wide apart. Additionally, stand up, lift your one leg by shifting the weight onto the other one, and kick outside. Repeat the exercise with the other leg alternatively. Don’t forget to keep your chest and head straight up. This exercise improves your stability and increases the muscle strength.


Prone Leg Lift Alternated: You simply have to lie down on the floor facing downwards. Slowly raise your one leg keeping the other one straight and hold the position for a few seconds. Repeat this exercise with the other one too. This will help in gluteus maximus and biceps formation.

prone leg lift

Forward lunges: To perform this exercise stand straight with feet and hips width apart. Then move your one leg forward shifting all the body weight onto it. Lower down the body until the other thigh is parallel to the floor. Repeat the exercise with the other leg alternatively. It strengthens your buttocks and legs and improves stability.


Hope this will help in maintaining good health and weight loss, Happy exercising!!

Images source : passion4profession.net

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