Unlock 4.0 India: Top 7 Effective Safety Tips While Going Outside for Work

Coronavirus has disrupted every aspect of our life. With the shutdown of schools, colleges, and offices, we were asked to avoid stepping out and adapt work-from-home culture for an indefinite period. While many were following a healthy lifestyle while working from home, most of us didn’t move to inches and eat recklessly.

Now, as things are getting back to normal and workplaces are beginning to reopen followed by unlocking 4.0, it’s natural to feel stressed and worried about stepping outside for work commitments.

Top 7 Effective Safety Tips While Going Outside for Work

Undoubtedly, now we have to be more cautious and strictly follow all precautionary measures to reduce the spread of the virus. Surely, there will be some challenges that may hinder your path of being productive and sane like in the pre-COVID era. However, with the help of some tips, you can easily brace yourself to return to work whilst staying safe and protected.

Here are 7 effective things that you need to keep in mind to prepare yourself for getting back to a regular routine

#1 Mentally Prepare Yourself

Stepping out after staying at home for several months is likely to increase tension, fear, and stress. Each one of us might be struggling with such emotions. Therefore, to successfully get back to work we need to make a prior plan and prepare our minds accordingly.

Think about the positive things about going back to work like reuniting with your colleagues. Start waking up early to let your body naturally adapt to the time of waking up during office timings.

#2 Wear Breathable Masks

Masks protect healthy people from breathing in the virus and prevent getting sick. Wearing masks can actually slow down the transmission of coronavirus that’s why it is certainly the best protection from catching the illness.

Being said that, the quality of mask and how are you wearing it also matter. For this reason, choose homemade cotton masks as they are soft, comfy, and breathable. Properly put on the mask and remove it safely to reduce virus transmission.

#3 Follow Safe Travel

Risk of getting infected increases the moment you step out of the comfort of your home. While you can’t compromise on your work commitments there are following precautions that you can follow to travel safely by reducing the chances of catching or spreading COVID-19, especially in public transport. Take a quick look below for some easy-peasy tips for safe travel:

  • Keep a sanitizer handy
  • Keep yourself socially distanced
  • Wear a comfortable mask and gloves
  • Keep disposable tissues with you
  • Don’t put off the mask while coughing or sneezing
  • Avoid public washrooms on the go
  • Take a bath after getting back home

#4 Don’t Break Up Healthy Habits

In the light of coronavirus, people are looking to be more health-conscious. Don’t you remember the nationwide lockdown period when everyone indulged in various activities like yoga, home Zumba sessions or cooking healthy meals?

If you have induced any healthy habit while staying home, don’t stop it even after returning to work. For those who didn’t move at all, it’s a great time to fresh start a healthy regime. Take out some time for physical activity.

#5 Surround Yourself With Positivity

A positive attitude is the need of the hour for keeping yourself healthy mentally as well as physically. Practice relaxing activities to attain a positive attitude that will further help in being productive at work. Surround yourself with positive people who motivate you and uplift your mood.

Listen to positive podcasts/news that helps in maintaining a positive mindset amid the coronavirus pandemic. Start your day with a positive routine to effectively fight this together and ward off anxiety or stress.

#6 Maintain Social Distancing

Social distancing is applicable everywhere including in our workplaces. The coronavirus crisis still continues to play out, therefore, you need to maintain a distance of at least 2-3 meters with your colleague to ensure their safety as well as yours.

Follow social distancing during lunch, meetings, and taking breaks. I know it’s disheartening but please avoid chai breaks from local street vendors. That’s the least we can do to reduce the burden on our healthcare workers who are working 24/7 during the ongoing pandemic.

#7 Feed Yourself With Healthy Food

By this time, everybody is fully aware of the importance of consuming a healthy diet to improve the immunity system and create a shield of protection against germs and infections.

As you are transitioning back to work, you need an extra dose of health through healthy foods for getting a boost of immunity and energy, which has been reduced due to a lack of physical activity back at home. Keep healthy snacks handy like vitamin C-enriched fruits, chemical-free juices, nuts, dry fruits, and popcorn. Don’t forget to sanitize/wash your hands before eating.

It’s totally normal to feel apprehensive and worried while getting back to work. Although everyone’s situation for transitioning to the work routine will vary from each other, the general tips that I have discussed above will help everyone to deal with anxiety and stay overall healthy regardless. Just be more cautious and aware of the surrounding, and enjoy the pleasure of finally working physically at your workplace.

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