Top 5 Brain Vitamins That You Must Add To Your Diet

A lot of people will agree, whether they are a student or a professional seeking to up their career, that studying is challenging. Especially with today’s technological advancements, people have become lazy or distracted since smartphones, and remote controls are easier to reach than reading notes for exams.

Although these things are unavoidable, there are ways that you can increase your memory capabilities and focus which in turn helps you perform well in class, examinations, or work.


Brain vitamins for studying are already a common thing even in the past decades. It is believed that particular food contains vitamins and minerals necessary for brain development and enhancement which help us with our memory, focus, and more so with energy.

However, due to our fast-paced lifestyle, we skip eating nutritious food and resort to junk and fast food only to make us grumpy and low in energy both in school and work.

To regain great mental capacity, here is the list of brain vitamins for studying to keep your focus on things that matter. This list is not in order since different people have different deficiencies and needs.

#1 – Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are known worldwide to help people with cardiovascular disorders. As they highlight its incredible benefit for the heart, they fail to make people aware that Omega-3 fatty acids can also help our brain. It is an excellent memory enhancer, improves neural connections, and helps in keeping us energized throughout the day.

In a recent research to children in their school-age years, it shows that kids who had adequate omega-3 fatty acid consumption during their early life perform better in school than those who have deficiencies of it.

It is discovered that omega three can increase brain size, and makes people alert since there are no disruptions in their neurons.

For people who already sustained some neural damages, there is still hope. Experts have used omega-3 therapy to such individuals with success. People suffering from obesity must also reconsider their ‘no-fat’ diet. This diet do more harm than good since you cannot consume essential nutrients from healthy fats like the omega 3. It also proves that those who are practicing a no-fat diet have little to no success of getting out of obesity.

#2 – Nootropics

Nootropics may sound foreign to most people, but this smart pill has been going around for a couple of years now. Only the elites knew about this, but today, it is made available for the public to try. Nootropics are a ‘smart pill’ that will help in increasing memory function, focus, alertness and energy. Taking it is like hitting the bull’s eye when you want to improve your ability to recall and be creative. However, the question is, is it something like a magic potion that makes you a genius in an instant? Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s not.

What Nootropics do is it helps you give a tunnel vision type of focus, motivation and alertness to do your work. It enhances school and job performance, in a way that you can do more mentally and physically, and still have a healthy mind and body at the end of the day. Most Nootropics are a combination of vitamins and nutrients mentioned in this article with a lot more in it for an additional punch.

Nootropics do not only deal with increasing cognitive function, but it also deals with regulating our energy levels. Contrary to popular belief, it is not something illegal. Ingredients are FDA-approved, and it contains a lot of common supplements and vitamins we hear every day. The only thing is that they have the perfect measurement and combination to be safe for everyone to take. There are also nootropic drinks like TruBrain that are easy and convenient than swallowing pills.

#3 – Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 and Folate work hand in hand which is why these two combinations are best taken for optimum brain function and physical health. We all get Vitamin B 12 from poultry and other meat sources. More often than not, we get Vitamin B12 more than we should since most people are meat eaters.  A regular size of chicken breast per day is already enough to give us the Vitamin B12 that we need.

B12 aids in the production of new red blood cells in the body, DNA sensitization, and excellent nerve transmissions. Without this Vitamin, people will feel low energy, tired and feel weak and fatigued all the time. Having low energy also makes us susceptible to feeling unable to do anything physical, even reading a book. It can affect our brains in such a way that we are too tired to do anything mental.

#4 – Vitamin D

This vitamin is known to provide benefits to our bones and teeth, but a little-known fact about it is that it aids in the growth of nerve systems in the body. It is also responsible for turning off and on in the synthesis of neurotransmitters which keeps our neural connections healthy and functioning properly. Lack of this Vitamin can cause inhibition of these connections affecting how our mind works.

In recent studies, Vitamin D supplementation has been considered for the prevention of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. The good news is, for healthy individuals, we don’t need to take it in tablet or capsule form. We just need to expose 25% of our body to the sun for 20-30 minutes per day.

#5 – Zinc

Typically included in most over the counter multivitamins, Zinc has been widely known to boost our immune system. It helps our body recover from illness quickly and deal with day to day stresses of life. What makes Zinc an excellent everyday brain vitamins for studying is that it helps in smoothening of neural connections and control brain impulses.

With that benefit, people who have adequate amounts of zinc in their bodies can recall efficiently. School exams require us to recall info from what we learn and read and it proves how zinc can help us significantly. Recently, due to its ability to control brain impulses and electrical activity, experts are now using high doses of zinc for epileptic patients to reduce seizure activity.

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