Top 20 healthy tips for 2021

The year 2020 will forever be remembered as the year that the bottom fell out of our lives. So much was planned for the year, and I assume even you had some goals, resolutions, and plans that were shelved due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Many people’s Fitness and health plans were also shelved as they couldn’t go outside or go to the gym to work on any of them.

Now’s 2021, and while things haven’t gotten back to the full normal, people have adjusted, and some of the things we took as fads have become the new normal, so it is left for us to adapt to changes while trying to achieve our fitness goals.

We take a look at the top health trends in 2021 and decided to make a thread of the top 20 healthy tips.

Top 20 healthy tips for 2021 - dietfoodtip

Top 20 Healthy tips for 2021

For the first part, we will be focusing on nutrition and dieting.

#1 Eat more veggies:

No, we are not advocating that you turn to a full card-carrying vegetarian; we are saying that eating more vegetables and fruits provides benefits that you need in your life. Eating more vegetables is right for your health as it reduces the chances of high blood pressure and stroke while decreasing the probability of cancer.

#2 Drink enough water:

the importance of water in our daily routine can never be over-emphasized, yet many people avoid drinking enough water, instead preferring to take coffee or Coca-cola. Drinking enough water helps rejuvenate your skin, clears toxins out of your body system, and provides many other benefits.

#3 Practice Mindfulness:

In this age of remote working and relentless media consumption, a lot of our attention is scattered all over the place. Being mindful helps us reclaim our attention from frivolities and devote them to the task at hand. Being mindful will help you to live a more purposeful life.

#4 Say no to Junk Food:

Try to stop the overreliance on junk food and try out other healthier food options. Order instead for full meals anytime you get hungry and cut out the soda and fizzy drinks from your meal; you will feel better and more energetic due to this simple choice.

#5 Incorporate Protein into your diet:

Protein is a great way to build and maintain healthy body fat, muscle mass and helps regulate your sugar level. Eat eggs, fish, and other protein sources; if you are working out consistently, try adding protein powders and drinks to your meal plans as they help you build muscle mass.

#6 Eat Healthy fats:

Yes, fats can be healthy, especially when they come from plants and other natural sources. Avocado, salmon, and nuts contain healthy fat, which will do your body a lot of good when eaten. Healthy fats also boost your immune system.

#7 Cook More meals:

Cooking your meals yourself ensures you plan precisely what is entering your body and gives you a perfect chance to incorporate healthy food and stay away from package foods high in calories and other additives.

#8 Plan your meals:

Most times, we end up eating junk food because we are too lazy to plan a full meal or plan at all, so we consume the first thing that pops up when we are hungry. Planning your meals effectively will help you save money and eat full, healthy meals at the same time.

#9 Take Vitamins:

Vitamins are a great way to maintain and repair your body, keeping it in top form. Vitamin B12 is good for the heart, while other vitamins perform different beneficial functions in the body. You can also find some of these vitamins in nature ( Vitamin D and B2 are found in fish)

#10 Rest:

Make sure you are getting plenty of rest whether you are working from home or not. If you are working from home, then rest becomes more important because, in recent times, the line between work and home has blurred so much it hard to separate one from the other. Take some time off your screen and do a fun activity.

Now for the next ten more tips, we will be focusing on Fitness:

#11 Set Fitness goals:

You should use the SMART method to set goals and follow through with your plans. S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound) goals are typically like “I want to lose x amount of weight in 45 days”.

#12 Include Fitness time in your schedule :

Always set time to work out in your schedule no matter how busy or tired you are. Ideally, it would be best to work out early in the morning to improve your mood for the day or in the evening.

#13 Try Swimming:

Swimming is a great way to exercise while having fun. Swimming works out your triceps, pectorals, quads, hamstrings, and glutes. That’s a lot of muscles for an activity as simple as that.

#14 Biking:

This is another activity that exercises parts of your body without stressing you much. It works out your upper leg and calf making them tones. Did I mention it is also good for the heart? Yes, it is too.

#15 Try Virtual Gym classes:

If you are stuck in the house and can’t visit a gym, an alternative to this is to sign up for a virtual gym class and follow through with it. You can use workout apps for this or have a live instructor walk you through all the hoops. You can also check out for all you need to start your fitness journey.

#16 Push-Ups are your best friends :

No, really, push-ups will provide a ton of benefits for you as they are an easy way to get the blood pumping in your arms and heart beating. Try performing them in sets, i.e., two sets of 10 push-ups each, as that will make it easier.

#17 Run:

Early morning runs and walks are great for your health too. You can track the distance you are traversing with a Fitbit or an apple watch and always increase the length you run per day.

#18 Lift:

This is one of the most effective exercises, and it builds up your upper body muscles and core strength. It also increases your overall energy for the day.

#19 Track your performance:

In all the exercising you do, always make sure to track your performance using either a Fitbit or an Apple watch or just any other implement. This will show you areas you need to improve on and offer you insight into your overall workout strategy.

#20 Have an accountability partner:

This will motivate you to keep exercising.

Health and Fitness are an essential part of life, and maintaining a balance between them drastically improves your quality of life. There’s no better time to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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