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20 Foods to Avoid Before Going to Bed Late night eating has become a kind of habit, but some food can give you sleepless night and should be avoided.

What you eat affects your body for the whole day but there are specific foods which affect a lot during the night and it can lead to many disorder in sleep. Everybody enjoys a little evening time nosh, however, what you choose to snack on can radically influence how well you rest. While a few… Read More »

List of foods that cause Gas and Bloating 15 common foods that cause stomach bloating and gas is very useful for everyone to know to support the treatment process.

Let’s make your foodie bag healthy. Oh! I am talking about your stomach. Healthy stomach and digestive system can prevent you from visiting doctors and taking pills. Unhealthy stomach can put you in the embarrassing moment in the public. So let’s introduce you to some foods that causing gas and make you feel uncomfortable. Here… Read More »

Foods that Detox Nicotine from Your Body

The nicotine consumption has countless harmful effect on one’s health both psychologically and physically. The nicotine is consumed because of the pleasurable feeling one gets as it boosts the energy level. The boost in energy level results in faster heart rate which increases the risk of heart attack .By smoking cigarettes one gets exposed to… Read More »

12 fat burning foods to avoid Christmas weight gain for women

Favorite time of the year for all winter lovers is here. Also it’s that time of the year when wearing extra clothes will be the perfect excuse for extra calories lurks around every corner — frosted cookies at the office, jelly doughnuts or chocolates in your stocking. All these extras calories add up, and you’ll… Read More »

Balance hormones for Better Living

The food that you eat manages numerous parts of body functioning, including the emission of specific hormones. Hormones are the lifelines for your body to work smoothly. Hormones —, for example, estrogen, testosterone, adrenaline and insulin — are critical substance that influence numerous parts of your wellbeing. You’re eating regimen can really help you keep… Read More »