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Top 5 Brain Vitamins That You Must Add To Your Diet

A lot of people will agree, whether they are a student or a professional seeking to up their career, that studying is challenging. Especially with today’s technological advancements, people have become lazy or distracted since smartphones, and remote controls are easier to reach than reading notes for exams. Although these things are unavoidable, there are… Read More »

50 Diet Tips for Eating Healthy at Parties Worried about holiday weight gain !!! ... Follow our healthy holiday eating tips and enjoy your holiday parties

Being a social animal on the planet earth we always indulge in the social activities with people around us. Either they are fellow mates, family or the professional clients. Talking with professional it is found that we always encounter ourselves in the parties either that are for the business or social gathering. There we face… Read More »

15 Ayurvedic Tips for Weight Loss Here's the best Ayurvedic tips for weight loss to help you get rid of obesity.

Overweight has become a serious problem for today’s generation. Unhealthy lifestyle, junk food, stress all these factors lead to various diseases and most common among them being obesity which if not taken care of at right time, may cause further heart diseases and worse. Many start to diet, exercise, gym, yoga and other weight loss… Read More »

The Golden Liquid/ Honey

Honey is known by various names around the globe, for Example as “Honig” in German, “Miele“in Italian, “Shahad“in Hindi, “Miel” in French and Spanish, “Mel” in Portuguese; there is almost no part in the world where honey is not widely used and is considered as a part of the rich cultural diet. Honey is nothing… Read More »

Natural & Healthy Diet Tips to Reduce Appetite

Now a days, a major part of population is suffering from a hidden disease, called Obesity. With advancement in technology and work load, people have forgotten to take care of themselves. Our busy lifestyle is highly influenced by food containing high calories, less protein and more fats. However, with time people are getting conscious about… Read More »