Does Spicy food help in Weight Loss?

We’ve all been there; the constant dilemma between eating your favorite dishes and the pressure of not adding to your weight. No wonder the society has told you to give up that chili powder and pick up a dumb-bell instead. But, now is your time to tell them that the dumb-bell idea is just that; dumb! Recent studies have found out that eating spicy food actually helps you lose weight. Pretty crazy, right?

Spicy food help in weight loss

However, before you add on that extra bit of fire to your dishes, it would be wise to remember that “balance” is the key word here. Spicy food will just aid in your weight loss, and not completely define it. It’s highly important to follow a training regime with your masala infused diet and drinking a lot of water is also essential. Spicy food does, however, increase your rate of metabolism, so it’s easier to lose weight whilst enjoying the dishes that make you who you are.

A medical study conducted in 2012 found that capsaicin, a main compound found in hot peppers is what leads to this phenomena. Having volunteers consume 1 to 3.5 grams of chili peppers led to enhanced heat production and increased fat oxidation. Capsaicin has led to a 5% to 10% increased weight loss in participants against those who didn’t consume it in other studies as well. However, capsaicin supplements just won’t work the same way. So, it’s important to get the real deal.

Even still researchers have found in China that eating spicy foods actually decreased the risk of death by 14%, other health factors remaining constant. So, eating food that has spices in it can definitely relieve you from a lot of malaises. Here are the ways in which spicy food goes on to achieve that:

  1.  A study in the British Journal of Nutrition showed that people who ate peppers before lunch ate less not only during the ensuing meal, but also snacked less later in the day.
  2. A bowl of chili can temporarily boost your metabolism about 8%, causing you to want to go burn some calories.
  3. Spicy foods are also beneficial in lowering LDL, lowering blood pressure, reducing your risk of diabetes, and preventing cancer and heart attacks.

It is important here to note that one shouldn’t start using spicy food as a therapeutic drug right away. The top priority should be to start consuming in tiny amounts before delving full on into the world of fiery, spicy food. And it’s always better to give your guests a non-spicy choice or two when they come to your home to eat.

Even if you don’t like spicy food, adding a little ginger to your tea or a little cumin to your stir fry can still prove beneficial over the long run.

So, the next time you order more spice in your restaurant meal, don’t feel guilty. Tell them it’s actually to cut your weight. They might give you a side look or two, but who are they, really.

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