Soups at its Best!

Get Cosy this winter with hearty bowl of warm filling soup as it is one of the greatest and simplest pleasures of the season. Every winter if traced in retrospect we have seen our mom’s gearing up for the homemade soup preparing in virtue of keeping us fit and healthy. Let’s look at the real benefits of soup consumption during winters.

Crispy soup, diet soup

1) Breathe and energize

Hot (chicken) soup helps reduce upper respiratory cold symptoms by clearing clogged airways and the nourishing broth increases hydration which pumps in energy into our body and generates the warmth needed by the human body.


2) Richie Rich Meal

Soups are highly loaded with high quality of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, having very few amounts of calorie and low fat which helps in weight management. Bean soups or soups with lean meat are rich in protein.

protein meal

3) Hydration on the go

Soup is an excellent hydrator and gives the body the much needed liquid. It warms the body as the basal metabolism increases by 10-20%. Even the soup is more watery which acts as a low calorie diet and it gives you a feeling of Satisfaction.


4) Stronger and Sharper

Soup containing ingredients like mushrooms, coriander, lemons etc which are good in vitamin B, C or D helps in building stronger bones and immunity system. Garlic and onion also contribute to immune system health as natural antibiotics. Garlic in particular is anti fungal and can lower cholesterol levels.

stronger and sharper

5) Getaway with fussy meals

Soups is perhaps the easiest way to add vegetables to your daily meals. It can be made filled with various vegetables and fruits and can be filling at the same time. Eating vegetables for daily meals can always be challenging, hence soups are the perfect rescue.

fussy meals

6) Slimmer and Thinner

Soups are filling but it also helps to reduce weight those extra kilos that we put on in winters. They are high in nutrition and fibre and totally low on calorie.

Slimmer and Thinner

7) Best medicine

Soups served as the best medicine for any patient. It starts with the simple intention to nourish and nurture the body. It helps in better functioning of body metabolism and improves immunity system.


Some examples of Healthy soup could be as describes below:

  •  Lentin Soup: High in protein and would help to increase haemoglobin.
  •  Vegetable Soup: Soup prepared with different vegetables like Spinach, Broccoli, Fenugreek, Kale, etc. are very fibrous and so helps to lose weight.
  •  Sweet Potato with Black Beans: Both act as fibrous diet so can help to lower cholesterol and are even high in nutrients.

Soups serve as a balanced diet. Be it any season, the advantages of eating soups are numerous as it is accompanied with tremendous amount of Heath benefits plus is easily digestible. Eating soup reduces intake of calories and helps reduces body weight on a large scale. Therefore this winter do not warm yourself with tea or coffee, sip in a healthy bowl of soup and you are good to go.

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