Shed Those Extra Kilo’s This Winter – Do’s and Don’ts

“Winters” that season when you just want to stay in bed, wrapped in a bed sheet, drinking hot chocolate and reading a novel. Well, while doing all the things you love, you almost forget that with pleasure comes the pain – Weight Gain (Ugh). A new poll reported on the Daily Mail found that 59% of the people say they pack on kilos in the winter months, with the average weight gain coming in at 4.5 kg.

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With winter comes the inevitable weight gain, but is it so difficult to shed down the extra kilos? Well don’t let the odds get you down! As the saying goes –“Losing weight is mind game. Change your MIND, change your BODY”. A little motivation and willpower can get you through the rough patch of the year and make you summer ready! So, here are some tips to help you shed the extra kilos,

Prevent weight gain and maintain a good health

1) Get some sunlight

Take small walks in between lunch or any time of the day whenever possible as this will be good for your energy level as well as for your weight. Taking a small walk in Sunlight can boost your mood as well as high up your energy level which in turn makes you feel active for the entire day.

2) Eat more veggies and low on fat desert

Fill your meal with lots of vegetables like Carrot, Spinach, Potatoes, Onion and Radishes. You can try the dessert such as Ragi Sheera, Strawberry Yogurt and Green Grapes Sorbet.

3) Vegetable soup

Another trick is to add Vegetable soup in your dinner. Studies have shown people eat up to 20% less when they have had soup first. You can go from plain tomato, vegetable soup to fancy Broccoli-cheese, baked potato, Green leaf and spring onion soup.

4) Green Tea

You don’t need to drink a lot of green tea to help you lose weight, it’s been found by drinking as little as 2.5 cups of green tea per day you can keep a watch on your weight.

5) Exercise

Do not stop your exercise regime, if cold weather does not permit you to continue your exercise in morning than exercise in evening instead of morning.

6) Warm Liquid intake

Always have a glass of warm water or hot Tea in your hand. We often mistake dehydration for hunger. Regular water consumption can curb snacking for the wrong reasons and boost energy.

7) Protein

It keeps you feeling full longer and helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Even snacks should have at least 10 grams of protein. So bring down different pulses/Dal each day from your shelf to keep the protein content intact.

8) Fat free dairy product

Use fat free milk for drinking instead of full cream milk and you will not be piling on kilos this winter.

9) Sleep

Get 8 hours of sleep – yes! The prefrontal cortex-A part of brain self-control is compromised by sleep loss, this make you more likely to eat junk food the next day.

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Psychologically prepare and do not allow yourself to gain weight during winters. Take your measurement now and keep a check of your weight, make sure it is not creeping on. Remember, weight is much harder to take off than it is to put on. Happy winters!

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