Know More about Cutting Caffeine

In preparation for the 21-day body detox diet, and in an effort to manage chronic spinal/body pain, I decided to discontinue caffeine for balancing hormones. Body Detox Diet For the past year, on a daily basis, I consumed a Grande latte from Starbucks containing 2 shots of espresso around 6:30 am. In addition, for a… Read More »

5 effective ways to manage stress

Stress is a major problem that everyone faces these days. People are so much into problems and depression that they cannot manage their day to day activities. They are so distracted from their regular work. They even forget to talk with families and make them comfortable. Their family members, in turn, feel their absence. Sometimes… Read More »

Health Benefits of Spicy Foods

No two people are exactly alike in their taste for culinary delights. Some like their dishes hot and spicy while others prefer bland cuisine. If spicy foods are more to your liking, you’ll be glad to hear that dishes spiced up with chili peppers are good for your health. Chili peppers contain capsaicin, the ingredient… Read More »

High Protein Breakfast Ideas for Weight Loss

Want to lose a few extra pounds? Well, try to create a positive change in your lifestyle with a protein-rich healthy meal at the start of the day. The concept of a healthy meal is often misunderstood. People mostly think that eating healthy means salads filled with green veggies or fruits. Healthy food is considered… Read More »

Seven Tips For Better Sleep

In this modern and chaotic age that we live in, it is difficult to get a good night’s rest. Not only because of the fast pace and high-demand society that we live in but also because of the habits that most of us have succumbed to. This article presents seven tips that will help you… Read More »

Urinary Incontinence – Treatment & Home Remedies

Urinary incontinence refers to the involuntary leakage of urine, meaning that a person urinates even when they don’t want to. This loss of bladder control happens when a person loses control over their urinary sphincters, which are two muscles that control the exit of urine in the bladder. Urinary incontinence is more common among women… Read More »

Health Benefits Of Lemon Green Tea

Do you know what the second most consumed beverage in the world is? If you said tea, you are right! It is very well known to everybody. But, do you know which type of tea is really admired for its health benefits? Well, it is green tea. Today we are going to discuss Lemon green… Read More »

Post Workout Cooldown Routine Tips

Exercises and workouts keep us healthy and active. Whether we workout to reduce weight, lose fat, gain muscle, gain strength, or maintain the physique we have it is important to cool our body down afterward. Before you would leave the gym do some cooldown exercises or moves. Don’t take off the shirt, but you can… Read More »

Health Benefits of Drumstick Drumstick (Moringa oleifera) is a rare plant species which has been used in traditional medicine since ancient times.

It is considered a ‘super plant’ because of its proven medicinal value that contributes to the management of several health conditions in a safe and natural manner. All the different parts of the nutrient-rich Drumstick plant — its root bark, stem bark, fruits, leaves, and seeds — are used for therapeutic purposes. Each of the… Read More »

Holi special: Safety tips for pregnant women

With Holi round the corner on Monday, doctors recommend some basic care so as not to let pregnancy mar the festive spirit. It is important to know that some colors, despite being branded “natural” or “organic” can still be harmful. Tips for Pregnant Women “Some colors termed natural are made from fruits and flowers, but… Read More »