OBESITY – Causes, Symptoms & Tips

In today’s era, connectivity to Wi-Fi is more important than connecting with people, building an image is more important than building a life, people gain weight faster than they gain knowledge, lose weight even slower than they lose sleep. The age of painted life has led to a huge destruction in the health of the mortals. Obesity is one of them.


A leading cause of death, obesity occurs when the excess body fat has accumulated to such an extent that it starts imposing negative effects on the body. It is defined by a Body Mass Index (BMI) and further evaluated in terms of the distribution of fat. It is prevalent in all the age groups, be it adults or old-aged people, even the children are not left behind. In the US, around 69% of the adults are obese where 40% men and 27% are women. Such recurrent disease has its origin from diverse sources.

• Causes

Starting with the lifestyle of the people. This fast-moving living has made the people to move away from their roots or origins. People have started preferring fast-foods over home-cooked foods thereby resulting into an increased consumption of calories. Being stuck in the rat-race, people are left with no time to focus on their diet and exercise plan and so end up leading an unhealthy life.

Many think that this is the root cause of obesity, but no! Obesity can occur even due to genetic factors. A person who is susceptible to weight gain due to lower metabolism turns out to be obese. Even due to environmental changes individuals tends to revamp their diet plan and are forced to eat whatever is available in their surroundings.

Also, the increasing stress-level leads to obesity. The needs to keep up with the pace of augmenting competition, individuals are often burdened with many responsibilities and mental pressure. Such emotional instability does not help in proper functioning of the body which results into the obese people.

So what are the resultant impacts on the humans?

• Diseases caused

Obesity in itself is a major health issue but it never comes alone. It is accompanied by even greater number of diseases. To name a few, Depression, breathing disorders, diabetes, liver or gall bladder disease, high-blood pressure, joint pains, strokes and numerous heart disease. All these illnesses are no more pertaining to old age anymore there are people of all ages suffering from numerous diseases as such.

However, as every problem comes with a solution, so does obesity.

• Solutions

Everyone knows that leading a healthy life is the key solution but how to do it that is the main question that needs to be addressed.

Beginning with physical fitness, a daily 60 minutes physical exercise will help in reducing the body weight and in improved blood circulation which in turn will increase the calories burnt. Improved diet chart needs to be formed where the calorie intake should be optimum as per the age of a person.

The diet chart can be prepared by consulting a nutritionist who will help to make the optimum diet plan. Now not leaving behind the mental fitness, individuals should hop-on to the mental fitness regime. It is of utmost importance. Meditation is one such example. It helps to maintain the mental health. It cleans out all the toxins from the brain and leaves it clean and calm. It gives an improved and refined form of brain.

So, we can say that as everything needs to be handled with care, why one’s own body be left behind. The human body is the best creation made by God so why to pollute and damage it. We all are blessed with one such asset which we never want to lose it, body is one of them.

Everything has a negative and a positive way of impacting our life, it is upon us how we want to lead them. Today’s generation should learn that a happy and a healthy life is anytime better than a wealthy and a stressed life.

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