Multi Beneficial Guava Leaf

Guava is popularly known as “amrood” in Hindi, “jaamapandu” in Telugu, and by various other names in different parts of the world, is one of the best tropical fruit ones wishes for while entering into the summer months. Attractive in its color guava is not only rich in looks but is also highly rich in Sugar content, Vitamins, and various minerals.

Guave Leaf

Most of us are inclined towards the benefits of the fruit but let’s closely peep into the benefits that guava leaves have!

The leaves are a great powerhouse of antioxidants, antibacterial, anti- inflammatory agents and beneficial tannins. The fresh leaves are considered to be a great pain reliever.

One of the institutes in Japan has successfully found out that guava leaves tea can effectively lower blood glucose. It is highly beneficial for Diabetics as they successfully reduce alpha-glucosidase enzyme activity. Moreover, it also prevents the absorption of sucrose and maltose by the body, thereby reducing blood sugar levels.

These leaves are magical liver tonic. Researches have also found that consumption of guava leaf tea for a couple of months can eliminate bad cholesterol from the human body without any adverse effect on the good cholesterol.

Guava leaves top the herbal remedy sector of medication too! These leaves do wonders to diarrhea and dysentery.

They are highly beneficial in case of food poisoning as well, the powerful antibacterial agents present in the leaves kill bacteria in the pinning of the gut and stop proliferation of toxic enzymes.

They readily open up human lungs, loosening mucus and soothing coughs.

The leaves have commendable anti-inflammatory quality which allows them to heal tooth ache, sore throat (while gargling). The anti-bacterial agents also help in tooth and gum pain remedies, and therefore the leaves are used as an ingredient in toothpaste and mouth fresheners.

Guava leaves are magical to dengue fever, as they are capable to extract an increased number of blood palates and are not toxic or harmful at all.

All and above, prevent the release of histamine, and prevent allergies. They are also the best first aids to wounds, instant abrasions etc. The anti-bacterial nature of these leaves is multi-functional and can have multiple good impacts on human body.

For all those who love your skin and hair, these leaves should be your best friend! When it comes to skincare, guava leaves can repair and remove skin disorders.

Appearance matters and when it comes to acne and blackheads, everyone wants to get rid of them. The anti-bacterial enzymes kill the acne-causing bacteria. For this purpose, the mash of the leaves is applied over the face and black spots. Antioxidant acts as a decoration to the skin removing and destroying the radicals that make the skin look old and damaged. Guava leaves improve the texture of the skin and make the skin look fresh, healthy, and dehydrated.

Hair problems!! These magical leaves are your remedy. Another great benefit of using guava leaves to help with hair loss is that it is completely natural. Unlike treatments found in the drug store, or prescribed by a doctor, there are no potentially harmful chemicals found in guava leaves. Another main reason they are beneficial for hair is that they are very rich in vitamin B.

As per experts, these leaves can prevent hair fall when regularly used as a part of a haircare regime. Its richness in Vitamin B makes it highly beneficial for the growth of healthy hair. Due to this reason, extracts are used in many hair care products. A concoction or a pack made from guava leaves can be used on the scalp to get the benefits.

The leaves supply a number of vitamins and minerals to the body and the unique constituent of these leaves also promotes better absorption of nutrients from the food. Proper absorption of nutrients can easily cure hair and scalp problems.

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