Know More about Cutting Caffeine

In preparation for the 21-day body detox diet, and in an effort to manage chronic spinal/body pain, I decided to discontinue caffeine for balancing hormones.

Body Detox Diet

For the past year, on a daily basis, I consumed a Grande latte from Starbucks containing 2 shots of espresso around 6:30 am. In addition, for a period of about a month or so, I had added a second tall latte containing 1 shot of espresso in the afternoons around 2 pm. The total caffeine consumption on a daily basis was approximately 225 grams.

This level of consumption, I postulate, could in fact be the root cause of the chronic pain I’ve experienced throughout my body, specifically throughout my spine, mid-back, and lower back. I also postulate that this level of consumption could in fact be the cause of chronically tight musculature throughout my body, specifically in the hamstrings and postural/core musculature.

Lastly, I postulate that this level of consumption also led to remarkably dry skin and hair as well as a general low-level feeling of irritability and anxiousness.

On 12/11, in an effort to counter the effects of the caffeine via alkalization, I began juicing. In place of my morning latte, at around 10-11 am, I would go to Wholefoods and get a freshly juiced blend of apple, beet, celery, cucumber, ginger, lemon, parsley, spinach. In addition, I would add a 1 oz shot of wheatgrass.

As for diet, I’ve reverted back to the eating program for days 11-21 of the 21-day body detox diet. Predominantly eating vegetables with lean cuts of meat and the occasional variety of fruits, while refraining from the consumption of dairy, grains, and sugar.

To date, I’ve noticed a significant/remarkable decline in chronic pain/tight musculature as well as an improved feeling of general well-being.

I intend on sustaining this regime indefinitely throughout the completion of the cleanse to realize the long-term effects.

As for any adverse reactions to discontinuing caffeine, I did have a mid-grade headache the second day which began midday. I took three Advil in the evening when I arrived home from work and it subsided an hour and a half later. I also experienced a subtle addictive removal desire from both the drugs and behavior, which seems to have fallen by day four.

In closing, I would highly recommend this type of preemptive acclimation so that the cleanse is not such an extreme change for your body. In lotus woman care they will give you most benefited treatment so visit them and live a happy lifestyle.

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