Keeping Healthy during monsoon with Ayurveda Hey we’ve got rain out there. Yes the summer is over and its time for monsoon. Mostly children love the ambiance in the monsoon season.

Hey we’ve got rain out there. Yes the summer is over and it’s time for monsoon. Mostly children love the ambience in the monsoon season. After a rain in the rainy season everything seems to be fresh. But, most of the people suffer from ill health in the rainy season only. Ill health disturbs all our routines. So we must be very careful even in the rainy season so we can enjoy the rain.

It is believed that ayurveda is the most effective way of curing one’s health. Ayurveda is the ancient Indian system of curing diseases. It is but obvious that the nature that gives us these many good things can give us better medicines to keep ourselves healthy than any other medicines can. So given below are some ayurvedic health tips for the rainy season.

ayurvedic health tips for the rainy

Ayurveda is governed by its three doctrines. Those are:

  •  VATA

Any imbalance in the season can cause imbalance in these three things. So it is very necessary to maintain our diet in order to maintain balance in the above three.


• All the mobility in the body like blood circulation, motion of thoughts over our mind, elimination of waste materials out of the body, including all the movements in mind.

• Vata is aggravated in the monsoon season as per ayurveda.

• Vata is mostly caused by the cereals. As said earlier vata in the body present in considerable amount is all right but if there is imbalance in vata it causes problems in the body.
• If u feel low immunity, weak digestion power and weak body strength then this may indicate that vata in your body is getting imbalanced.


• Ayurveda says that pitta gets accumulated in the monsoon season in the body.

• Pitta weakens the digestion and is a toxic material that is heavy, sticky, and the one that is undigested.

• This may create problem in the tissue formations in the body that is, it may not be proper.

• Gastric or peptic ulcers, uncomfortable feeling of heat in the body, heartburn and acid reflux are the symptoms that show that pitta is increasing in the body.


• Kapha is controlled or pacified according to ayurveda in the monsoon season.

• Kapha is usually caused by cold food items, cold and soft drinks, sweet food or the leftovers that had been kept in the refrigerator or freezer.

• An imbalance in amount of kapha causes cough, headache, fever, cold, etc,

If you find above mentioned any problems in the rainy season in vata, pitta or kapha then follow below mentioned dietary steps to cure them with the help of ayurveda:

• Sour or acidic foods are not advisable in the rainy season.

• Can drink cow’s milk because it is light, easily digested, and would not cause lethargy.

• Leafy vegetables must be avoided as there is threat of worms present in them in the rainy season.

• Seasoned food with various warm spices serves as one of the best ways to maintain health in the rainy season.

• Well cooked food that is served hot can also help improve and maintain your health in this season.

• As mentioned earlier that some of the basic tastes like sweet, sour, etc can cause vata, pitta or kapha but these tastes are necessary even in the diet to maintain health. Because these tastes in considerable amount may help balancing these three principles of ayurveda (vata, pitta, kapha) but it must be made sure that these tastes are taken very carefully according to your need.

• Again dry fruits have very essential minerals, so adding small amount of dry fruits in the daily diet can also help balancing health in the rainy season.

• Red gram lentil (toor dal) must be avoided as it causes acidity.

• Green gram lentil (moong dal) is advisable as it can be easily digested.

• Processed food should be avoided as far as possible in this season.

• Ghee serves best in this season as it helps in digestion, increases stress fighting capacity, improves memory and boosts immunity power.

• Curd consumed with sugar or salt can also be effective.

• Daily light exercise like yogasans, jogging, walking, etc can also help maintain our health.

• At the end one of the most important thing that helps us remain fit and fine in any of the seasons is happiness. Always be happy as science says happiness kills depression and health automatically gets to its best.

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