Juices for Weight Loss

Nowadays, many continue to gain weight and are victim of unnecessary diseases. The reason being not only the type of food one consumes but also how and when he or she consumes it. Many people think not eating will result in weight loss, whereas it may result in malnutrition i.e. deficiency of required nutrients in the body, leading to low immunity. Diet does help in losing weight if done with proper care of nutrition that the body requires. This calls for a lot of patience and self control. So here is another way to lose weight – Drink Fresh Juices.

juicing for weight loss

Juices not only help in weight loss but also they are very healthy and nutritious for the body. Although, we’re not talking about the fruit flavored tetra packed or canned (so called) fresh juices you buy from a super market, but the juice which you extract from vegetables and fruits at home. Believe me this fresh juices aren’t as bad as it sounds. This article will tell you about the best way to drink different juices for keeping your body fit, healthy and in shape.

Why are Juices better than eating them raw or cooked?

The heat from cooking reduces the nutritional value of the vegetable plus the taste of raw fresh juice is far better than the cooked or boiled vegetable. Juice is easily absorbed by the bloodstream in our body. Imagine eating 2 beets, a bottle gourd, ½ a pound spinach, a cucumber and may be a fruit like strawberry or orange, all at once. Already feeling sick, right? Now think of blending all of this and drinking a delicious 16oz glass of juice, which is also easy to digest.

Dos AND Don’ts

What you must do before and while you’re are preparing Juice:

1) Make sure the vegetables and fruits you’re using are organically produced and not chemically grown.

2) Be careful about the type of juicer you use. Many times, the juicer doesn’t filter the juice properly which may lead to intake of waste.

3) Drink it immediately after blending. If stored for longer duration, they lose a huge amount of their nutrient and may cause you to become ill if pathogens grow due to oxidation.

What you must take care of:

1) Avoid using sugar in your juices as it can result in increased insulin and also also cause fatty liver.

2) Going all or nothing. Though many dietitians suggest for juices and fasting technique for weight loss, in reality that often results in failure and even cause weakness in body if not done properly.

3) Just adding up juice in your regular diet will not result in any benefits. You must control your intake of carbohydrates and fibres.

Mix and match

Vegetable juice may not taste so good but it tastes great when mixed up with other veggies and few fruits. You can take beets and spinach and add up strawberry or watermelon or you can take stalks celery and add up pineapple and blend it. You not just end up with good healthy and appetizing drink, but also lose a few pounds.

So if you’re looking to start this juice exercise, keep in mind the above points and make sure you consult your doctor, in case you think of fasting. Happy Weight Loss!

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