Indoor Fitness Workout Ideas People often tend to skip the workout session, so here are some quick tips which you can follow and workout inside your home.

Winter season tend to bring mood swings which may tempt you to overeat and avoid exercise, and getting out of the blanket just to exercise becomes a task. As the temperature continues to fall in this holiday season, it is important to take into consideration your workout seriously and not just ignore it.

fitness workout

So here are a few fitness tips for how you can work out indoor in this cold winter and keep yourself healthy:

#1 Do some crunches

Since it is hard to go outside and face that cool breeze, you simply have to do some (around 20) crunches at least 5 times a day. Even if this is the first thing you do in the morning, your body will ignore the cold post that.

Do some crunches

#2 Bicycle ride

Well not literally. Lie down on your back and start paddling from your legs. Do this 50 times in a go and you’re good to go. No safety gears required.

Bicycle ride

#3 Push-ups and pull-ups

To maintain the abs and a flat belly in this freezing season, do regular push ups and pull ups. 5 times a day for 5 minutes will provide you with all the heat necessary.

Push-ups and pull-ups

#4 Dance

What can be a better way to stay fit this season than dancing. Simply dance to your favorite music, move your body as much as you can and enjoy. Shaking your body to the beats is remarkably healthy and fun. You can also practice Zumba dance by watching videos from the internet. It is a great way to exercise with fun.


#5 Jumping jacks

Be it in sun or in a closed room, this exercise burns the body fat very quickly. It paces the heart rate and increases the flow of oxygen in your bloodstream and muscles and is basically a full body workout as all the muscles move while performing this exercise. 1 minute of jumping jacks and 30 seconds of rest. Repeat it 10 times and you’re good to go.

Jumping jacks

#6 Planks

A fit and toned body during winters, planks help impressively in achieving this goal. Well not only this, by strengthening the core, it helps in reducing back pain and improving balance and body posture.


#7 Pilates

With providing body flexibility, it also strengthens muscles, and help in toning the body, particularly abdominal, lower back, hips, and buttocks. It is also impressively good for the lungs as it helps in solving the breathing problem.


#8 Badminton

Along with developing athleticism, it is a great cardio exercise with a full body warm up and can be performed in an indoor stadium. It also helps in increasing speed and improving reflexes.


#9 Yoga

Though it is very healthy to practice Yoga in open, under the sun, under the roof is also not a bad idea. Benefits remain same: increased energy, peace of mind and physical fitness, everything is affected positively.


#10 Jump rope

It increases the blood flow, contributes to balancing hormones and eliminates unhealthy toxins along with body fitness. Practice it on a daily basis for 30 seconds 6 times a day.


#11 Step up

Climbing stairs is another easy way to improve fitness. Heart, mind, muscles, and bones, are all benefited from this exercise. Perform it daily for 10 minutes, avoid elevators as many times as you can.

setp up

#12 Cleaning

Start cleaning your rooms, kitchen, and washroom. This will not just help in maintaining hygiene but also your body, especially vacuuming and mopping.


#13 Water bottle weights

For toned arms and shoulders, without any gym equipment, lifting water bottles is a decent way to exercise. You can use these filled bottles while doing crunches and planks.

Water bottle weights

#14 High knee running

Being at a constant position, lifting one knee up to your hip position while keeping the other one straight, and vice versa, at a quick pace, consecutively. It can help significantly in increasing the speed of blood flow and also toning of the lower body.

High knee running

#15 Kicking

Side kicking, front kicking, backward kicking are some of the ways for thigh muscles exercise and lower abdominal. It also improves flexibility and provides strength.


Well, winter is not going to last forever but that doesn’t mean health and fitness can be ignored. Diet plan is equally significant for keeping up a body fit. Just follow the above fitness tips and you’ll be good to go for winters.

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