Yoga may help with general digestion or other specific digestive issues

In the world of modern technology where people have become more dependent on medicines and expensive treatments there are problems which still are incurable or too expensive. So do you face excess gas? , Constipation? , Brush your teeth regularly but still have a bad breath? , Often tired after eating? Get easily affected by change in food habits? These could be signs of a poor digestion system.


Yoga has been and still is cure to all diseases with minimum possible expense. “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body” and a good digestion system is one of the key factors to a good health. To enjoy good life and make the most from things around you, you need to have a system that is sound and healthy.

After all, it’s the digestion system which determines whether one is having fun or missing out on all the good things. Yoga has many benefits to offer including the strengthening of our digestive system. The benefits of yoga have created wonders to our body.  Proper digestion, absorption and eliminations lead to healthy digestion systems.

A healthy digestion system thus functions to absorb all the necessary nutrients from the food we eat and keep us naturally immune. The digestive process begins primarily in the stomach and includes pancreas, the liver and the biliary system. Various enzymes and folic acids combine with stomach acids in order to process the digesting foods and nutrients. Additional nutrients are then absorbed in the middle and lower intestines. The remaining moves to the colon where toxins and waste are eliminated and fluids get reabsorbed. Without a healthy digestion system our body would not absorb the nutrients properly and thus leave us malnourished.

Yoga asanas like pawanmuktasana, dhanurasana, halasana keep your digestion system healthy and functioning smoothly. Yoga keeps you away from common digestive ailments like constipation and acidity besides preventing major illnesses and maintains a healthy digestive cycle.

But how does yoga affect the digestive system? These asana helps stimulate the digestive track of your body and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Yoga helps the stomach to breath in a rhythmic manner. This further helps life force to enter the body and cleans the toxins and leftover wastes from the body created due to poor lifestyle, incorrect diet and stress.

There are various yoga poses that improve digestion.

Chakrasana tones the abdominal organs and improves digestion and excretion. It also strengthens the liver and pancreas. Triangle pose or the Trikonasana helps to burn fat from stomach, waist and back. It is said to be the easiest asana of all that involves stretching of muscles.

Pawanmuktasana cures gastrointestinal problems by releasing trapped gases and effective circulation of blood. It massages the intestine and abdominal muscle by regular contraction and expansion of muscles in the digestive system. Pawanmuktasana is thus, suggested for those suffering from gas problems, acidity, arthritis pain and waist pain.  It gives flat stomach.

Paschimottanasana or seated forward bending is good for constipation and digestive disorders like stomach pain, hip pain and menstrual problems too. It also removes fatty deposits in the body. The reason being, while practicing this yoga, the gall bladder and intestine are smoothly pressed and stimulates well. It is also suggested for pregnant ladies. Regular Halasana (Plow Pose) helps to reduce both belly and body fat. In addition to this, it clears constipation and cures stomach disorders. It rejuvenates inner body parts thus nourishing the pancreas, thyroid and kidney.

Ustrasana (Camel Pose) involves stretching of all the body muscles but only if done correctly. It expands the abdominal region thus improving digestion and elimination.

In addition to these, yoga comes with wow factors. One such practice is Agnisar Kriya (Fire Wash) that means churning of the stomach muscle thus increasing the heat in the body to burn off the harmful toxins, thus keeping the body immune. Another form is Nauli, the cleaning exercise. It massages stomach, bladder, pancreas, intestines and helps to maintain perfect health of lower organs. Twists improve digestion by affecting the ribcages. The Simplest of all, a deep breath is a mild massage where the stomach relaxes and softens.

Yoga is a gift with which one can cure all body problems and maintain a healthy digestive system without relying on medicines. But these asanas are beneficial only when done with correct technique and regularlity. So keep your digestive systems healthy, active and immune with yoga.

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