How to Boost your Immunity to Fight Against Coronavirus

Every year begins with new expectations, new resolutions, and new goals. 2020 was no different; however, by the end of March, the world was grappling with a pandemic similar situation of a disease known as Corona-virus or COVID-19. Humanity is struggling with an imminent danger of the COVID-19 virus, especially since there is no vaccination available. There are certain precautions that people can take to protect themselves from the coronavirus. The precautions for COVID-19 include maintaining hand hygiene by washing or disinfecting hands, wearing a face mask, and avoiding touching of mouth, nose, and eyes. The disease has proven to be fatal for people with underlying conditions like hypertension, respiratory issues, heart diseases, and diabetes, as people with such conditions have a low immune system.

Moreover, as humans start to age, their immunity starts decreasing. The young people with no other pre-existing health conditions suffer only from minor health infection. Additionally, their immunity should be robust, and they should not have habits of smoking or vaping. So, increasing body immunity is one of the ways to increase protection from COVID. Read on our blog to find the steps that you should take to boost your immune system.

boost your immunity to fight against coronavirus

#1 Indulge in a proper diet

If nutrition-rich food is not a part of our diet, then our body becomes susceptible to diseases and COVID-19 infection. We have learned about the concept of a balanced diet. A balanced diet means having an adequate quantity of whole grains, including nuts, proteins, and vitamins. A diet with nutrition-rich food is crucial to maintain our health and a healthy immune system. People having diabetes and blood pressure issues should avoid a high carb diet and concentrate on a protein-rich diet. Include probiotics in your diet; this is also a great option to prevent any COVID related problems. For instance, Yakult & Yoghurt are excellent foods for boosting nutrient absorption in the body. If you need to know more about a carb-rich diet, then you can consult a dietician.

#2 Make sure to sleep well

One of the best tips to boost your immunity from Coronavirus is to sleep well. Following a proper sleep schedule will help your body to recover and repair. If you are not sleeping enough, then it will affect your day-to-day bodily functions which, will instantly affect your immune system. The lack of following 7-8 hours of sleep schedule will limit the body to fight the Coronavirus infection.

#3 Drink water as much as you can

Drinking adequate amounts of water is the remedy to stay away from all illness-causing germs. The COVID infection is no different; to boost your immunity to fight Coronavirus, you should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. Staying hydrated will help in eliminating all the unwanted substances from the body. You can also minimize the risk of COVID-19 and stay hydrated as well by drinking coconut water. Practice a routine of drinking fresh juices twice a day to maintain a COVID-free and healthy immune system.

#4 Follow an exercise routine

Since most of us are following the work from home routine, we are stuck in our houses. We hardly even take 2000 steps on a day to day basis. This lack of exercise can risk our well-being and result in many underlying conditions. If you cannot step out of your home, then start including home exercise routines in your daily schedule. Depending upon your health and body, you should make your exercise routine. Fitness and medical experts recommend exercising at least 30-40 minutes daily. Following a regular exercise routine is one of the best tips to flush out all the harmful substances from your body. Youtube has plenty of fitness channels – you can subscribe to these channels as per your needs. Make sure to follow your exercise routine diligently. Exercises like on the spot jogging, rope-skipping, forward lunges, and front plank can help you to improve your metabolism. Metabolic activity is related to body immunity. Hence, practice regular workouts to reduce your risk of contracting COVID-19.

#5 Take steps to destress yourself

Stress is a factor that can affect your mental as well as physical well-being. Health professionals suggest practicing meditation as they know that the response shown by mindfulness has been positive.

#6 Meditation

Health experts recommend following a mindful exercise like meditation for boosting the immune system. Moreover, it can also prevent the chances of spreading corona infection. It can help you relax amid this scenario of chaos. Practice 10 minutes of meditation daily to keep your mind calm and focused.

#7 Avoid alcohol and smoking

Refrain from smoking and drinking as these habits can weaken the body immunity. These habits affect the respiratory system directly, which in turn causes the body to become susceptible to contract the virus. These harmful substances compromise the body’s immune system and make it more vulnerable to COVID. Avoiding drugs, smoking, and alcohol can help you in boosting your immunity and coping with stress.

#8 Avoid unnecessary travel

Social-distancing is part of the new normal. But, in over-populous countries like India, following social-distancing norms strictly becomes a bit difficult. Moreover, with reduced public transport, traveling has become a high risk of contracting the coronavirus. You can watch the news, read the WHO-recommended COVID travel instructions blog, or search for online news related to travel instructions for information about a particular zone. Health care professionals recommend wearing a face mask at all times while traveling during the COVID scare.

#9 Take immune system supplements and eat food that will boost your immunity

All the tips mentioned are some of the best-known ways to improve your health and for boosting your immunity. Nevertheless, medical professionals suggest that to fight the COVID-19 infection, people should focus on eating immunity-boosting nutrition-filled food. But, if you feel that your diet is not providing you with enough nutrition, then you can always consult your doctor about providing you immunity building supplements. The response of many immunity-boosting supplements has been great against COVID-19. Read about some of the primary foods and supplements that can help you in boosting your immunity.

#1 Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice which is known to increase immunity against cold and flu virus. Adding turmeric into your diet will help you in naturally boosting your immunity. If you are going through a period of stress, then the antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric will help you to relax. You can mix a pinch of turmeric with 1 TSP of honey and have it every morning.

#2 Garlic

Garlic includes compounds that help in boosting immunity to fight all kinds of disease-causing germs. The effectiveness of garlic in fighting against COVID-19 increases by crushing or slicing it before adding it to your food. Garlic can also help you in fighting stress.

#3 Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays an essential role in boosting your immunity from the coronavirus. Medical professionals recommend it for critical respiratory infections. Vitamin C shows strong antioxidant properties; it also assists in fighting against stress-related damage. Vitamin C will help you in maintaining a healthy immune system. Furthermore, it will improve the lung system. Although Vitamin C is one of the most common supplements make sure to consult a health professional before starting your Vitamin C supplement.

#4 Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a nutrient that is absorbed by our bodies. It plays an essential role in keeping our immune system healthy by boosting our immunity. It contains anti-inflammatory as well as immunoregulatory properties. It is always advisable to consult a health professional before taking a Vitamin D supplement.

#5 Zinc

Zinc is also known as a gatekeeper of the immunity system. Health care professionals recommend zinc supplements for people who are prone to respiratory infections. Zinc supplements minimize the risk of contracting COVID because of their activity to improve metabolism and immunity.

The battle of grappling with COVID is a long one. In addition to following basic and necessary hygiene steps, wearing a mask in public places will help you to minimize the risk of spreading corona-virus. You can follow the above-mentioned ways to boost your immune system with these tried & tested tips. However, COVID-19 is a contagious disease. If you have come into contact with people who have tested positive for the infection or if your body shows any of the COVID-19 symptoms, then it is always better to visit a doctor.

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