Home remedies for common illness-Cough, Cold, and Flu

The time of season changes, the common cold is very common, and there are various age-old home remedies that help in relieving symptoms of a cold. If you have a cold and fever and are looking for tips to feel better, then you are in the right place. Here, We will discuss some home treatments that help reduce symptoms of Flu, prevent sickness, and help you get well sooner. Various home cures ease the symptoms and will help you in feeling better.

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If you feel sick even after using home remedies, get medical assistance.

Moreover, these home remedies effectively cure many cough and cold symptoms without any side effects. So keep scrolling to know about various home cures to benefit you in treating cough and cold.

Different home remedies to alleviate cough, cold, and Flu


Some fresh ginger pieces in steaming water help relieve throat pain or cough as this has anti-inflammatory effects. It also helps in relieving pain and nausea.


It includes the mix allicin, having antimicrobial effects. Thus including garlic in your food routine might reduce the symptoms of a cold.


It has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties; thus, having honey with lemon tea can reduce throat irritation and pain. It is helpful in controlling cough.


Saltwater gargling reduces the harshness of cold symptoms and reduces nasal blockage and sore throat.

Oregano oil:

Oregano has carvacrol and thymol, which have antibacterial impacts. Massaging oregano oil on the chest or taking it helps relieve the symptoms of a cold.


These are living bacteria that might help prevent individuals from Flu and cold. It safeguards the immune system from flu germs. It is present in various foods like yogurt, miso, etc.

Vitamin C:

Oranges, limes, other vegetables and fruits, and lemons are great sources of vitamin C. If you add lemon juice and honey to hot tea, it will help you in reducing phlegm. This might not cure all the symptoms of a cold in your body in getting the Vitamin C required for your immune system.

Warm bath:

Taking a warm bath helps remove fever, Flu, and cold symptoms. Adding some pinch of essential oil like thyme, and tea tree also provides a soothing outcome.


It is an enzyme from pineapple. It has mucolytic and anti-inflammatory effects, which help break mucus, remove it from our body, and reduce cough.

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D3 is a helpful supplement to reduce the possibility of catching a cold. However, it mainly prevents respiratory illnesses.


Individuals can take zinc in syrup, and lozenge its tablet, which helps relieve cold symptoms, but you always need to follow the dosage amount mentioned in the packaging. Taking too much may lead to stomach aches and nausea.


This arrives from various mint plants and has pain-relieving and antibacterial impacts, which help you get rid of blocked noses.


Echinacea plant’s herbal extract helps prevent colds and alleviates nasal blockage.


It includes polyphenols with antiviral effects, which help fight the flu germs.

Inhaling Steam:

It is one of the best home remedies for relieving cold. It alleviates nose congestion. The warm air helps in relieving symptoms by loosening the mucus.

Hot bags:

Using hot bags on the sinuses will help dissolve the nose congestion. Thus, hot bags help you in getting rid of cold symptoms.

A mixture of tulsi and ginger:

This mixture of tulsi leaf and ginger juice, and honey helps relieve cough.

Carrot juice:

This home remedy helps in fighting cold and cough. It removes the phlegm and helps in treating the virus.

Solution of jaggery:

Adding jaggery, black pepper, and cumin seeds to boiling water helps to relieve chronic bronchitis. It is an exquisite drink helping in alleviate cough and cold.

Tumeric and milk:

Turmeric is an antioxidant that helps deal with various health issues. Turmeric is hot milk that helps fight cough and cold and promotes sooner recovery.


It is well known for reducing fever, nasal blockage, headaches, and cough. Take elderberry lozenges, and capsules, raw elderberry can cause vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea.

Some foods you need to have when fighting Flu or cold:

Rice, banana, blueberries, Chili peppers, Mustard, Onions, Cranberries Brocolli, oatmeal, hot beverages, herbal tea, etc.

Staying hydrated:

Drink more water to maintain the temperature of the body and relieve fever.

For quick recovery from Flu, you need to follow the following things:

Stay home, take enough rest, eat foods that are healthy for your well-being, etc.

Juice of beetroot:

It helps in reducing symptoms of cold, as it contains diet nitrate and protects individuals from various respiratory illnesses.

Breathing exercise:

One can do breathing exercises to manage cough too. But it is always advised to consult professional healthcare before performing any different exercise or treatment.

Best fruits that help fight Flu and cold:

Kiwi, Apples, Bananas, Pineapple, Watermelon, Strawberries, etc.

Some food to feel better while having a cold:

Nuts, Yogurt, sweet potato, barley, fatty fish, eggs, etc.

Using an additional pillow:

This will help you breathe effortlessly when suffering from Flu, cough, or cold. This is a great trick to get rid of cough and cold, ensuring your body rests, thus helping you get well sooner.

Many people use home cures to treat flu and cold. You can think some symptoms are weird but they all are very much effective.

You might feel sad and miserable when having a cold; this solution can make you feel better. It is essential to drink liquids, rest, and keep moist air all around.

These remedies, as mentioned above, might help you reduce cold symptoms faster. Apart from this, you can also treat Flu and cold by resting, keeping up warm, getting enough sleep, utilizing a humidifier, etc.

Use these useful home remedies to get ease from the cold quickly. Home remedies treat minor illnesses, but they are never a doctor’s substitute. If you are going through a cold and cough, these natural elements will help you feel good.

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