Herbal Remedies For Pregnant Women

No luck being a parent. It is a phase of life where we are in charge of individual lives. For women, it is a part of their body, a heartbeat that they not only hear but also feel, within, the life they will give to the world. But nothing is as valuable as the world says. And the feeling of being a parent, a life-giving owner.

pregnant woman

You expect a glow on your skin but get itchy breasts and gases. 50 percent of a women’s body changes during pregnancy, in her entire life cycle majorly due to iron in nutrition diet, pressure on the womb, and hormonal changes. Pregnancy morning disease or morning sickness occurs in 50 to 80 moms to be.

Nausea, vomiting, itching are some regular problems women deal with daily during their pregnancy followed by abdominal pain, infrequent bowel movement, and constipation. The problems are many and so are its solutions. Lemon Juice is one of the most tried and tested methods that can provide immense relief from vomiting. The addition of molasses to your diet helps in reducing vomiting or nausea and is also a source of iron supplementation with richness in B6 pyridoxine.

A real ginger tea (not just ginger flavored) will help to get rid of nausea immediately. A vomiting sore throat can be cured by honey in tea. If ginger is not available, ginger products (like ginger candy) or other food containing ginger will help. A slice of citrus fruits like orange or sweet lime can be your savior from vomiting and vomiting sensations (which occur more often than vomiting). Even smelling citrus food can be very helpful.

Ever wondered why pregnant women are suggested to have meals more frequently. Well, one reason is that they are carrying a baby inside who requires equivalent nutrition. But the actual reason for this is that frequent and small meals help to cure constipation which is also a major side effect of pregnancy. Due to an increase in levels of progesterone hormone the muscles relax. This includes the intestinal muscles that lead to slow digestion. This can be cured by a high fiber diet, fresh fruits, bread, peas, beans, raspberry, etc. At least 12 ounces of water is very necessary to stay hydrated.

Water with 1 teaspoon of honey and apple can help you get rid of morning sickness. The strong smell and flavor of carom seeds or ajwain can help you get over morning sickness. Whenever you feel like vomiting, just chew some carom seeds. These are great for digestion and also prevent acidity; hence, can overpower the vomiting sensations as well. Dried lime is known to curb nausea. Get slices of lemon and burn them over a low flame. Now dry them under the sun. Thereafter grind these slices of lime into a fine powder. So whenever you feel like vomiting you can either have this powder directly or mix it with water. Walking is a safe exercise for pregnant women and helps in digesting the food faster.

Hence, it is also a perfect remedy to reduce vomiting. This reduces the chances of vomiting. Sitting in the same position for too long can cause backache and instigate vomiting; so make sure to walk a little after your meals to help food digest better and faster. Walking and regular fluids, calcium, magnesium, and potassium in the diet help to reduce cramps during pregnancy. Many women also complain about itching sensations due to skin tightening leaving the skin dry and itchy. This can be prevented by the use of sandalwood oil or neem leaves or a glass of aloe-Vera juice that helps to keep the affected area cool.

These are some ways to reduce over the counter pills and move to herbal remedial solutions. But when it comes to pregnancy the number of solutions shrinks. One should take up any of these methods only after consulting their doctors. The simplest of all the solutions, Stay happy don’t worry.

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