Herbal Remedies for Health Growth

To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear – Lord Buddha.

It is well known that the main focus of today’s youth is in maintaining a fit and healthy body. People are trying out various means and remedies to keep themselves healthy, wealthy and wise.

The most popular and traditional way for health growth is by using herbal remedies also called the home made solutions.

An herb is a plant or a part of the plant used for its scent, flavour or therapeutic properties. It is generally considered to be the natural way of keeping our body parts like hair, skin and for issues catering to weight loss, anxiety, diabetes, insomnia etc.

Herbal Remedies for Health

Let us discuss few herbal remedies for a healthy growth:

#1) Hair growth:

Which girl doesn’t want long, shiny and strong hair? Without burning a hole in our pockets these are a few tips which will help us in maintaining and nourishing our hairs.

• Starting with homemade remedies using various herbs like apple cider vinegar along with olive oil, we can get our damaged hair back to life.

• Use of Fenugreek and coconut milk. It protects the natural colour of our hair and helps in the growth process.

How to apply:

Mix the fenugreek paste and coconut oil properly and apply it to your hair and scalp leaving it for 30 minutes. Rinse it with a mild shampoo and continue this process once in every 15 days for best results.

#2) Henna/Lawsonia inermis:

Application of henna is one of the best treatment for hair. Things required: 1 cup of dry herbal henna and ½ cup yogurt.

Usage: Mix both the henna and yogurt to make a paste. Apply it thoroughly over hair from the roots to tips and leave it on till it completely dries. Then rinse it off with a mild shampoo.

This pack can be applied once in a month as it promotes dull and dry hair to smooth and shiny and also strengthens the roots by adding natural color to it.

Apart from these home-made remedies, there are various herbal products which are readily available in the market from brands like Nyyka, Patanjali, Ayush, Himalaya etc.

#3 Acne and skin:

Everyone wants to look beautiful and fabulous. To have a glowing skin one can follow simple guidelines and usage of the following easily available herbs.

#4) Aloe :

The pulp of aloe verra is an exceptional skin cleanser and the juice of this plant also counteracts infection and promotes healing.

#5) Cucumber :

Cucumber is very helpful in purifying the blood which results in a clearer skin. Just by having 4-5 cups of cucumber juice daily for a week, we can feel the difference.

#6) Neem:

Neem is valued a lot in Ayurveda for its varied healing properties due to its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral capabilities. Also, for acne related problems, 5 leaves taken in the morning helps remove stubborn acne.

Let me just give you a list of herbs which are useful for various ailments:

Anxiety and stressHops, kava, passionflower, lavender
ArthritisCapsicum, Ginger, turmeric, devil’s claw
AsthmaCoffee, ephedra, tea
Bad BreathParsley
FatigueCocoa, coffee, ginseng, tea
GasFennel, Dill
High Blood PressureGarlic, Beans, Cocoa
Menstrual CrampsKava, raspberry, chaste berry
Sore ThroatLiquorice, marshmallow, mullein
Tooth AcheWillow, Clove
Yeast infectionGarlic
IndigestionChamomile, Ginger. Peppermint
Morning sicknessGinger

These herbs are generally safe and can be consumed without any side effects but in case of serious ailments, it’s the best to consult a doctor.

Herbal remedies are by far the best for any kind of health related issue. Inexpensive and easily available, these remedies cure the ailments from the roots to the tip of it. Concluding with a famous quote again, The ground work of all happiness is good health. – Leigh Hunt So, in this journey of life, keep your health fit and fine, eat good, sleep enough, use herbal remedies because without these there is not life to life.

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