Healthy Skin, Happy Winters Here are 8 winter skin care steps you should incorporate during these colder months.

What comes to mind when you think of winters? People embedded in layers of warm clothes, long hot showers, sipping a hot beverage, reading a good novel maybe, wrap yourself around a warm blanket and all things are possible that can make you feel cozy.

This is indeed a season to become lazy which is a reason why people tend to avoid taking care of themselves, which leads to numerous negative aftermaths.

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Well someone rightly said that if there are problems then there are also solutions to it. Our body tend to demand more care in a season like this as it becomes dull, dehydrated and flaky. The winter air results in dryness of hair and skin due to less humidity in the air.

Sometimes winters also result in a person getting depressed which ultimately results in a poor appetite. Another major consequence of winters is the spreading of viruses which weakens the body further.

Many tips can be included in your daily routine to avoid these consequences and thus let you enjoy winter season to its fullest. The intake of the following items will help your skin to glow throughout and also add valuable nutrients to your body.

The most essential element needed for healthy skin, not just during winters but throughout, is Water. Water is one such element that is the solution to many problems in our lives. It keeps the body hydrated, flush out the harmful toxins from our body and also adds to the glow of the skin.

During winters when the air lacks humidity it should be kept in mind to increase the water intake as compared to other seasons. It is one of the easiest ways to achieve a toned and healthy skin.

Healthy Skin in Winters

Next on the list can be Olive Oil which is yet another source for healthy skin in winters. Winters bring along flaky and dry skin which is why olive oil turns out to be a boon. It is loaded with vitamin E which is quite helpful in repairing damaged skin. It is also packed with antioxidants which results in the natural production of collagen in our body. Collagen helps the skin to get its strength and structure along with playing an important role in the replacement of the dead skin cells in the body.

If you want to have nice red blush cheeks then what could be better than eating a large ripe Tomato! Tomatoes are fruits which are clubbed along with the vegetables. They possess properties and benefits which prove to be very beneficial during the winter season. They are loaded with Vitamin C and a special pigment named Lycopene which is the reason why this fruit gets its lush red color. It has many anti-aging properties essential during this harsh and cold season. The skin elasticity is also benefited from this wonder fruit.

When we hear winters, this hot beverage should always be handy. It not only helps us keep warm but also have properties to help nourish our skin. Here we talk about Green Tea. This miracle drink has antioxidant properties. It also helps the skin to reduce blemishes and can heal the skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Green Tea is also said to lower the risk of cancer and is a boon for those wishing to lose weight and have a toned body and skin.

Winters often get along with it the urge to munch onto something resulting in people nibbling onto snacks that might not be as nutritious as Pumpkin Seeds. They are also called Pepitas in some parts of the world. They might not be as popular as sunflower seeds but they are truly worth snacking on. It contains magnesium that proves to be helpful in the proper functioning of our heart.

Next, it contains zinc to build a good immune system which will ultimately showcase on your skin by increasing the collagen levels which protects your skin from the pollution existing in the environment and also the harsh UV rays from the sun.

These few listed items will surely help you to have a beautiful winter season where you can enjoy it to its fullest without thinking about the damage done to your skin. Just include these items in your daily diet and allow them to help treat your body with better care and nourishment.

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