Health tips – How to stay fit as a corporate Employee Now-a-days mental illness is increased though. When it comes to the working hours of the jobs, corporate culture has one of the maximum working hours.

“HEALTH”- this is not the mere word. And this is the thing that people are worried about now-a-days. Good health doesn’t only mean staying fit physically. A healthy person is one who is fit and fine both physically and mentally. Now-a-days mental illness is increased though. When it comes to the working hours of the jobs, corporate culture has one of the maximum working hours. The corporate employees have a hectic schedule and their job is one of the most tiring ones. In this fast life and their hectic schedule sometimes their health is affected. This may affect their family and their work even. So below mentioned points are health advisories that a corporate employee can take care of and maintain their fitness.


• Pack a home made meal:

Have a habit of eating home made food. It is seen very often that after getting to the job the corporate employees seldom have their home made food. This would disturb your health and then they would feel week. A home made food provides both physical and mental fitness.

• Have more number of bottles filled with water:

During work they often don’t have time to have their meal at proper time. In this case have plenty of water so that it may help sustain your mind and body in proper direction even if you don’t have your meal on time. And water always servers better than any other soft or cold drinks that might affect your health.

• Have small meals for whole day:

While you are working have a habit of eating along with working. In between whenever you get time to sit free for a while have some snacks so that energy in your body is sustained and you can work effectively. Now don’t put yourself in dilemma that whether you should drink plenty of water or you should have your snacks. Just in case as stated earlier if the schedule is pretty more hectic and you don’t get time to sit free for a while then consume water again and again as water is the building block and so it would help to keep you going.

• Exercise well:

Develop a habit of daily exercise. Plan your schedule in such a way that you have time to exercise. And in the corporate sectors working times are very specific so u can easily adjust your time table for exercise. Daily exercise increases your stamina and a good muscular and fit body gets less tiered after work than a weak body. Daily walking or jogging early in the morning is good exercise. You can even go on for yoga or pranayam if interested in any because they are one of the major factors that help improve your health.

• Play outdoor games:

On weekends sometimes play outdoor games with your family and friends. This would help keep you moving for the next working hours. This serves best both for maintaining physical and mental health. Playing with your family and friends give you internal happiness and sometimes this works as stress buster.

• Go on mini tour:

In the weekends make a small tour to some nearby places that you like to visit. Going to places that you like gives you some relief from anxiety, stress and despair. You get boosted and motivated when you are at the places that you love to visit.

• Meet your friends or have informal meetings:

Having informal meetings with your comrades and discussing on topics that you like and remembering past stuffs of your camaraderie can give you mental joy.

• Play music that you like:

Music is the universal stress reliever. Listening to music would make your mind calm and gives soothing to your brain. Sometimes there comes a situation wherein you get demotivated or feel depressed, listening to music that motivates you can give you hope and you feel strong. Some of the people who have hectic work schedule are even a music freaks. This keeps them moving.

• Be a social geek:

Keep yourself updating on social media. This even keeps you in touch with your near and dear ones. But at the same time you need to take care that being active on social media doesn’t make your work low or doesn’t make you lazy. Take out some time from your working hours and specify that time for the social media.

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