Health Benefits Of Lemon Green Tea

Do you know what the second most consumed beverage in the world is? If you said tea, you are right! It is very well known to everybody. But, do you know which type of tea is really admired for its health benefits? Well, it is green tea. Today we are going to discuss Lemon green tea.

Lemon Green Tea

Lemon, it is also known as Citrus lemon, is a native fruit of South Asia and originally North-eastern India. It is an ellipsoidal yellow fruit, which is commonly used for culinary and non-culinary purposes. Other than tea, lemon juice is mostly used in lemonade, cocktails, soft drinks, etc.

Lemons are used for making pickles. The leaves of lemon are also used in preparing seafood or meats, and the leaves can also be steeped in tea. Other than culinary uses, lemon is also known for its aroma and is used for making room fresheners, the aroma will not influence the human immune system, but will rejuvenate the body. All variants of tea are very beneficial to our overall health. Do you know the health benefits of black tea?

Let us first know about Lemon Green Tea :

Green tea has been consumed for thousands of years, it is tasty and healthy, but what about calories? The answer is zero. Having many health benefits, green tea is commonly praised for helping people to lose weight, burn fat, and boost metabolism. Green tea is made from unfermented leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant. It originated in China, but now its production and manufacturing have spread to other East Asian countries.

There are varieties of green teas, based on uses of Camellia Sinensis, like its growing conditions, production, and time of harvest. Green tea has been shown to reduce cholesterols and improve blood flow. The leaves of Camellia Sinensis are plucked and are quickly heated, either by frying or by steaming thereafter the leaves are dried to prevent oxidation.

Green tea does not process much before it’s poured into the cup, so it’s rich in the catechism. Catechism is an antioxidant that protects the cell and may even prevent cell damage. The most well-known fact about green tea is that it helps in weight loss and also helps to fight cancer.

9 Health benefits of Lemon Green Tea :

  1. Helps to lose weight: Green tea has weight loss properties. The drink can burn body fat and increase metabolism. Green tea contains caffeine and EGCG, which energize the body and keeps you fresh the whole day. Also lemon contains pectin fiber that helps to battle eating desire.
  2. Fights cancer: Lemon contains a phytochemical named limonene, which can battle cancer. Also, antioxidants and flavonoids present in green tea protect the body’s cells from getting damaged because of free radicals and ecological toxins.
  3. Best for skin and hair: Green tea is abundant with antioxidants and vitamins that are essential for healthy skin, hair, and the overall body. It has antibacterial and antiseptic properties that protect skin from various infections.
  4. Good for liver health: Lemon restores ph. levels of the body and also cleans the liver. Thus, the liver can produce a higher amount of bile, which helps indigestion. Consuming this drink regularly will help to repair damaged liver cells and promote fresh growth.
  5. Prevent heart diseases: Green tea also known for its health benefits on the heart. Green tea with lemon brings down the cholesterol level, which blocks the arteries.
  6. Makes immunity stronger: Lemon is a high source of vitamin c, thus two cups of this tea help in improving the immunity power of the body. Thus it successively shields you from various health conditions and battles the infection in a better way.
  7. Improves digestive powers: Lemon green tea contains citrus juice and other organic acids, which know to boost the digestive capacity of the body. Lemon juice increases the catechism in the body. These catechisms make the stomach’s acidic surroundings alkaline.
  8. Quickly heals the wound: Lemons are a high source of vitamin c, which helps to cure wounds easily. The antioxidants present in the tea help in reducing symptoms of arthritis and inflammation.
  9. Detoxifies the body: Lemon tea has a good amount of citric acid, which helps in purifying the liver. Consumption of lemon green tea with an empty stomach every morning, will help in the cleaning of wastes and toxins concentrated in the liver. Thus detoxifies the body.

Lemon green tea is a great health drink. It has lots of antioxidants that give you various health benefits and refreshments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does lemon green tea have side effects?

There is no proven theory that lemon green tea has any notable side effects. Both lemon, as well as green tea, have essential health benefits that make them excellent additions to our diet.

Is there a right time to drink Lemon green tea?

Lemon helps with increasing the metabolic activity of the body. This makes it ideal to drink lemon green tea first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Scientists also suggest that green tea should be consumed early in the morning and later in the evening.

How much lemon must you add to the green tea?

This is completely a personal choice but the juice of half to one full lemon per cup of green tea is ideal. This gives a pleasant flavor to the green tea.

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