Food to avoid during heart problem or high blood pressure

The heart is the most essential organ of the body and should be kept with utmost care. Though the weight control and regular exercise are necessary for keeping the heart in shape, the food we eat plays a vital role in keeping in check the body blood pressure. Cardiovascular diseases can have adverse effect on person’s behavior and perception towards life. Having right knowledge about the heart- healthy foods and adopting a right life style, one can free oneself from the heart problems.

high blood pressure

Below mentioned food item leads to heart related problems.

Prepackaged Vegetables

The people suffering from high blood pressure should consume the food which is low in sodium as high intake of sodium results in hardening of the arteries which increases the risk of heart diseases. Though vegetables are important for the people having high BP, the canned vegetables are a strict ‘NO’.
The vegetables coming out of these canes are rich in sodium because of the preservatives added to them.

1) Coffee

One cup of morning coffee can spike up the blood pressure. The regular coffee drinker must quit coffee intake because caffeinated drinks adds to the hypertension problem.

2) Alcohol

While a small intake of alcohol might help in lowering the blood pressure, over consumption of alcohol increase the blood pressure. Alcohol is the store house of calories which results in weight gain and hence the hypertension. Also, alcohol may prevent any blood pressure medication to work effectively.

3) Candy and Soda

An increased blood level sugar can create havoc in the system because impaired glucose tolerance and diabetes adds to the risk of heart diseases. Therefore, keeping the sugar levels in check is important for the healthy functioning of the heart.

4) Fast Food(Potato Chips, French Fries)

Keeping in check the saturated and trans fat intake is important for reducing the risk of heart diseases. Junk foods like French fries are saturated with the saturated fat which results in increase of the body weight and also puts the heart at risk. Also, these potato chips are wrapped in the extra layer of salt which increases the risk of heart diseases.

5) Deli Meat

Processed deli meat is rich in sodium. For preserving these meats are cured and seasoned with salt. A simple sandwich becomes a sodium trap when bread, cheese, condiments and pickles are added.

6) Eating Smart

If diagnosed with hypertension, a few smart changes in the daily food intake can help one fight the blood pressure spikes and reduce the blood pressure. The foods with reduced sodium, no sodium or trans-fat free option can help one fight the heart diseases. It is essential to eat smartly with hypertension. The diet should include fruits, vegetables, fiber foods positively.

7) Fresh vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits are the rich source of vitamins and minerals, also low in calories and rich in fiber. An increase in consumption of fruits and vegetables helps to reduce the cardiovascular problems and cuts down the consumption of saturated fat foods.

8) Whole Grains

For regulating the blood pressure, whole grain food like whole-wheat flour, whole grain bread plays a vital role because they are good source of fiber.

9) Reduce Unhealthy fats

Putting a limit to trans and saturated fats is an important step for reducing risk of coronary artery disease. One good way to reduce the saturated and trans fat in the diet is by reducing the consumption of solid fats like butter, cheese, margarine. Look for low-fat substitutions wherever possible.

For example, use low fat yogurt instead of butter for the baked potato topping.

An improved diet is an important step for preventing heart disease and keeping the heart healthy. But from where to begin from? Look at the bigger picture and one will realize that right eating patterns rather than the right food are important. One should aim at incorporating variety of healthy foods into the diet and making them the new healthy lifestyle.

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