Eat Fatty Foods To Lose Weight

I am not going to be what I eat, Right? If it wouldn’t have been like that, then I with a lot more crowd out there who eat a lot of chicken wings and mutton burgers would look like solid stands of muscle. Men who eat lots of pasta would look trimmed and fat-free and people who have a habit of eating a lot of fat would actually turn fat.

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Wait, what did I just say? Isn’t what I said in the last sentence actually true? People who generally eat fat are fat? hmm no, not necessarily. Recent science shows that eating certain fats won’t make you fat any more than consuming money can make you rich. Also it is a fact that if you pick the right kind of fat, it can be one of the most important go through, for losing weight.

Now-a-days, consumable goods that are found in the market are mostly packed with the wrong kinds of fat that actually adds on to your fat. Trans-fats, which one can easily find in pizza crusts and other baked goods, or saturated fats present in processed and grain fodder-fed meats, add enough amounts of calories and doing mostly harm to your body’s nutritional necessity line. But the click is that healthy fats can do the opposite: They can stamp out your appetite, reducing the number of calories you acquire in a day, adding on to improving your heart health and mending your metabolism.

Some of the basic fatty foods that you usually use are the biggest fat cutters. Let me name some

1) Olive oil –

With huge richness in cancer-fighting Polyphenyl alcohols and heart-nourishing monounsaturated fats, strong facts support that it works pretty fine to go lean. Studies about Obesity infer that an olive-oil-rich diet can result in increased levels of Adiponectin (hormone responsible for fat metabolism in human body) than were done by a high-carb or high-protein diet. So switch to a kitchen with olive oil for even dressings and sauces.

olive oil

2) Coconut –

A rich source of saturated fat but more than that there’s something called Lauric acid in coconuts which is a unique lipid that fights bacteria and improves cholesterol levels. It has been observed that coconut oil reduces abdominal obesity. Run fast to your nearest store and make some south Indian dish with coconut chutney for yourself if you want to lose weight.


3) Dark Chocolate –

Most of us know this that dark chocolate is a very good blood purifier but it is very less heard that it can even help you flatten your tummy. Real good news for most of you sweet tooth right? It is observed that presence of pure cocoa butter which is a rich source of digestion-decelerator Stearic acid and this increased metabolic time for dark chocolate makes it stave off your hunger and assist you with the weight loss.

Dark Chocolate

4) Almond Butter –

There has been enough research going on to find out if almonds can actually help you lose weight despite their so high fat content. So you can say “Few almonds a day, keeps my fat away”. But how is it possible that almonds can actually add on to reduce your waistline? Where there is a statement, there’s some science behind it, here it is found that almonds contain substances that deters the amount of fat being absorbed by the body, so a part of it is removed undigested. All this is science but there’s something that science doesn’t tell you but I will and that’s – Almond butter sandwiches and rolls are delicious.

almond butter

5) Salmon Fish –

Don’t worry my dear non vegetarians, I have something on the plate for you as well. GO for a salmon twice a week and you will be getting the right amount of Omega-3 fatty acids as recommended by American Heart Association (HAA). What if I tell you not just you’ll lose weight but also if you have a high risk of cardiovascular disease, you can get a charge over it by having the delicious salmon a couple times every week. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce the risk of cardiac dysrhythmia, decrease triglyceride levels, and lowers blood pressure.

Salmon Fish

So the best food you might be having next time will be a salmon shallow fried in olive oil and served with coconut chutney and dark chocolate syrup.

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