Diet Tips For Getting Muscular the Healthier Way

In today’s world apart from knowledge, physical appearance also plays an important role for an individual to feel confident. Be it in any field, a presentable and well maintained individual always attracts; as a result, everyone has become health conscious.

Everyone wants a muscular and healthier body, but many amidst of all this forget that to gain something you have to lose a few things. Whenever we watch a superhero movie like Superman, Cat Woman or The Avengers we all dream to have a well sculpted body like them and this obsession in today’s generation is increasing day by day.


There are various advertisements which claim to provide muscular body within a week or a month or two, without any hard work and there is this major chunk of population which falls for this trap. So, here we bring you some mind blowing techniques which gives you a muscular body that too in a healthier way and will provide more clarity to all those dreaming to be Thor but are afraid of all those supplements and medicines.

Firstly let’s understand the science of muscles: they are composed of proteins and that is why people consuming carbohydrates in larger quantity end up adding fats to their body rather than muscles.

Why are people skinny?

The reason behind anyone being fat or skinny is mostly hereditary and then comes – what they eat and in what quantity!

And this is the reason why any medicine, without any exercise can never yield results making you fab from fat!

Burning fat and then turning muscular is one of the toughest job but a great amount of hard work and a healthy diet plan can help us in achieving our aim.

To get big one must eat big!

The first and foremost rule of getting big is eating big! And eating big means, having a diet plan, rich in protein. To get big the skinny trainers must follow a rule I.e. to eat, eat and eat. No ifs and no buts!

Food can create a ripple effect if taken cautiously. There are several types of foods that will help you gain more muscles.

1) Lean beef:

This can play a major role in your diet plan if you are willing to gain muscles. It contains all the important nutrients like zinc, iron and b-vitamins. It provides our body with high quality protein.

2) Skinless chicken:

Just like beef it also provides you with high quality of protein which helps in muscle maintenance and repair.

3) Cottage cheese:

it is a pure casein protein and hence is digested slowly which helps in muscle maintenance. It contains B-12 and calcium. This is helpful for people who consume food at long breaks.

4) Whey protein:

what if you realize that you can have something healthy that too at affordable price? The search ends here. Whey protein is healthy as well as pocket friendly.

5) Egg:

it has Vitamin D and various types of amino acids, choline and the right kind of fat.

6) Tuna and other fishes:

fishes are rich in omega-3, and protein. They are easily digested and hence are good option for consumption.

7) Oatmeal:

it has low glycemic index (GI) value and it is minimally processed.

8) Whole grains:

These digest easily and hence provide more nutrients than refined grains. Sustained energy levels and overall health is promoted. Sources are brown rice which can help us boost our hormone level that balances our body fat and encourages lean muscle growth and fat consumption.

9) Fruits and vegetables:

As we all know, fruits and vegetables are major source of antioxidants which not only helps in muscle building but decreases our body fat.

The above mentioned food can help one gain a proper muscular body without any side effects. This diet plan can work wonders if one follows it with strict exercise plan.

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