Diet Plans to Shrink Belly Fat in a Week

Fat sounds so horrifying and unhealthy. As we all know gaining weight takes a minute but losing takes a lifetime. In this fast-paced lifestyle, junk food and packaged food consumed by all results in fat deposition in the body.

These processed foods, extra intake of sugar and junk foods pollute the body. These fats go on accumulating in the body due to no exercise or any labor work which results in the burning of this fat. Access fat in the body causes heart-related diseases.

belly fat

Fat at the belly is a sign of unhealthiness. Generally, fat is accumulated at the abdomen and shrinking that belly fat is much more difficult, but there are some diet plans through which one can lose belly fat in a week.

There are different diet plans that would be suggested for shrinking the belly fat


This diet and health plan was developed by General Motors, Inc. for their employees. From around 2 to 3 decades the General Motors plan is counted as the most successful way to reduce fat in the fastest way. If one follows their diet according to this plan, they can lose around 5 to 10 lbs. in a week. The diet plan should be strictly followed for the best results.


Eat all fruits except bananas. Whole day only fruits should be eaten and there is no limit on quantity. Melons are suggested to be eaten in high amount for best results. No dairy products and any cooked food.


On the second-day Vegetables should be eaten which can be either raw, baked or boiled. No restriction on the quantity and type of vegetables you eat. For e.g. boiled bottle gourd or tomato cucumber salad.


The third day is a mixture of the 1st two days wherein you are allowed to have vegetables and Fruits both, but a strict no-no for bananas and potatoes.


From the fourth day, you have to eat the items which were restricted in the initial days. Banana, milk and Vegetable Soup would be the diet for the day. One can have up to 3 glasses of milk and up to 8 bananas. Soup can be consumed as per your choice.


From this day, you can start your regular food like a bowl of rice. But it is compulsory to eat 6 – 7 tomatoes in a day and at least 12 liters of water to stay hydrated.


Here you would be allowed to have a bowl of rice during lunch. The other diet should be according to day 2 like raw and boiled vegetables. On this day even one needs to have at least 12 glasses of water.


This is the last day of the diet plan. Here also you are allowed to have a bowl of rice and some vegetables for lunch. Another half of the day one can take any fruit or fruit juices of their choice.


This 7-day diet plan gives guaranteed results and has recorded to lose weight if followed strictly.


James is a celebrity trainer and she gives a guaranteed diet plan for losing belly fat in the fastest way possible. As per her, by following this plan one can lose tummy fat within a week.

There are certain rules in her diet plan that should be followed:

• C.R.A.P needs to cut down from the diet. C.R.A.P. means Caffeine, Refined Sugar, Alcohol and processed foods.

• Intake of fish oil supplements in the daily diet can act as wonders as it provides a high amount of protein.

• Have breakfast within 1 one hour after you wake up and that should be a heavy meal or some fruits.

• Don’t eat after 8 pm as the digestion becomes slow at night.

7-day diet plan is as described below, mainly for Non-vegetarians


An omelet made up of 3 eggs for breakfast, with 75 grams of chopped spinach in the morning with pepper powder. In lunch one grilled chicken with mixed salads with olive oil. In Dinner 100 grams Chicken with broccoli.


Baked chicken breast for breakfast on the second day. For lunch baked haddock with salad and olive oil. In dinner, one can have steamed green beans with one salmon steak and chopped the dill.


In breakfast, 100 grams smoked salmon with chopped spinach. For Lunch, one must have chicken breast with a green salad, whereas in dinner one lamb teak or 2 cutlets with boiled spinach and broccoli.


The day starts with 2 eggs and tomatoes at breakfast, followed by baked cod fillet for lunch with some salad and tomatoes. For dinner, one needs to have 100 grams of chicken breast which could be stir-fried.


Start your fifth day with 200 grams turkey breast with avocado and cucumber in breakfast, in lunch one can have 150 grams grilled prawns with cucumber salad. In dinner, 100 grams of chicken breast is to be taken.


One grilled haddock fillet with roasted peppers in breakfast. 150 grams turkey with steamed broccoli in lunch. 200 grams steak with green beans in dinner on the 6th day.


3 Egg white with tomato salad to be taken as breakfast. In lunch, one needs to take 150 grams of chicken breast with steamed asparagus. Whereas in dinner grilled duck breast can be taken with oriental green.

This diet plans if followed as described then it can give incredible results which are guaranteed by Miss James.

…………….Still waiting for anyone??? Start the Diet plan and lose belly fat within a week.

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