Detoxification After Heavy Party Meal

In today’s scenario when people are so much stressed about work, money & relationships in their day to day life and feel a need to go out and party on every occasion possible, be it just a weekend, is not very uncommon. Parties not only lead to unhealthy intake of food but also overeating. You might be prepared beforehand for avoiding such meals but it isn’t possible always. So here are some detoxification tips which can save you from the guilt of overeating and enjoying a healthy life style.

Detoxification Diet tip

Detoxification Diet Tips

1) Drink water

Drinking lukewarm water after a heavy meal helps in breaking down the food particles into small bits which further help in digesting it better and quick. Also if you drink two glasses of water before your meal it can make your tummy feel satisfied with less food than your regular diet.

2) Green tea

It helps greatly in detoxifying the junk and oily food and also removing toxins from the body. Other herbal teas such as ginger and mint also work greatly for digestive system.

3) Lemon juice

With lukewarm water a freshly squeezed lemon increases the pace of stomach acid production and also strengthens the muscles of stomach in the body, breaking down the food particles into pieces and removing unwanted oil.

4) Ajwain

This can also be tied up with lukewarm and a pinch of salt water after meal. With a great flavour and taste, it has anti hyper acidity properties which help in detoxifying your meal and control acidity.

5) Watery fruits

Not only will they add up vitamins and minerals in the body but will make you feel satiated with a good taste. So instead of having starters in your meal, increase the quantity of these. Replacing them with dessert will also benefit.

6) Bananas

After alcohol, body gets dehydrated and lose various minerals which can further lower down the blood pressure. Bananas are advantageous in such cases.

7) Include all the six flavours in meal

According to ayurveda, sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent are the flavours which one should consume in his/her daily meal. This will keep the taste buds satisfied and limiting the quantity simultaneously.

8) Walk

Laziness should be avoided at all times for a healthy lifestyle and after-dinner walk can do wonders. It not only will detoxify the food and makes you feel light after over stuffing but also help in lowering down the blood sugar level and speeding up the digestion process.

9) Do not sleep

Rest after a heavy meal is necessary but sleeping is not an option. It lowers down the process of digestion. It can also give you stomach ache and heartburn. Wait at least 2 hours before going to bed after a heavy meal.

10) Do not smoke

Smoking is bad for health at any given time but the bad affect of it can be worsened if done after a meal as it can cause heartburn and may show symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and many more.

11) Chew and brush

These are the two functions which your teeth must perform in order to detoxify the digestion of the food efficiently. Digestive enzymes are part of saliva which helps in breaking down food pacing the detoxification process. Further brushing after the meal will clean all the oily elements from the mouth.

12) Yoga

It is often difficult to move your body after a heavy meal so some of the yoga poses which do not involve excessive movements can be performed for fastening up the digestion process. Vajrasan is one of such aasans which can benefit.

13) Avoid parties

Well last but not the least; though it seems exciting, losing yourselves to loud music, chilled beer and delicious cuisines of food, it is obviously not a better alternative. And even if certain parties can’t be avoided, limiting them to a minimum number is necessary.

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