Christmas fun Tips When Pregnant

Enjoying Christmas with dual happiness?? Still worried for the health of your little one moving in your tummy?? So, why not plan Christmas in a different and healthy way.

Partying light and sleeping right is one of the most important things to do. Eating small meals much often, being the second best thing to do.


Pregnancy as you know brings many do’s and don’ts along with it. Avoiding certain heavy meals and adding certain nutrients is a must. Being light at your work and having to relax every now and then is good.

Take a break from the hectic festive schedule and give yourself some time to chill, exercise and just relax. Switch to nutritionally healthy and properly cooked meals rather than having unhealthy heavy stuffs, this will help you to keep proper pace with your digestion process.

While planning the food for party keep the nutritional value of the diet in your mind, include eatables that are rich in proteins like eggs, almonds, oats, broccoli, pulses, fish and peanuts. Take care in cooking the food properly before eating to avoid the risks of food poisoning.

Seafood is in the list of don’ts in the diet during pregnancy. But these restricted foods have certain nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids and iodine. These nutrients are essentially required for the growth of the baby, so an alternative is having fish that are properly baked or pan fried.

Calcium being another important nutrient is not to be skipped as it helps in building up your little one’s bones. The best supplement for calcium is milk, yoghurt, part skim mozzarella cheese, oranges, dates, fig and kale.

Water should be taken frequently to make up for the fluid level of your body. Keeping the body hydrated and active is also an important thing to remember, as dehydration may be fatal for the little one.

Vitamins have an important place in the nutrients uptake list during pregnancy. Legumes, sweet potato, salmon, leafy vegetables, berries, avocado and dried fruits are good source of vitamins to be taken.
Opting for fruit juices while people are partying with alcohol is a good choice to avoid the risk of alcohol and is also good for the fluid content of your body.

Pampering yourself with a neck massage along with some music. Will set your mind to peace and make you comfortable.

Shopping being the most fun thing to do in the festive season, can make you tired during your expecting months. An alternative is to make a list to be easy and quickly taken up. Having options to shop online is also a good thing to do.

Dividing the work you have to do for festive preparation with your partner and family members is a good thing to do , this will help you reduce your load and even help you bond with your family members and have fun in the course of preparing for the festival.

Having a good sleep in between your work schedule is an important task to do. Having long lie-ins along with the work to do is necessary to keep you going on for the festive fun without hampering your health. Long lie-ins are necessary during pregnancy as post pregnancy schedule may not allow good sleep time that is necessary for the health of both mother and child.

One more work to be given priority is being prepared for any sort of emergency. The person to call up immediately should be there in your speed dial ups. The local maternity ward and your doctor be immediately contacted in such cases. Having fun with family is priceless, but keeping in mind your health during these crucial days must be a priority job.

Festival time being a fun time, along with pregnancy becomes a responsibility time even. Enjoying the holidays is nice, planning it well is wise. Stay happy stay healthy for this festive season.

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