Best healthy food to eat in winter to stay healthy!!

Shivering over sweating, everyone loves the winter months!! As winter has already arrived, people lose more than just a few hours of daylight. From the changes in electricity bills, and dressing habits to eating as well.

What people miss the most during winters are the yummiest summer fruits and veggies. If you are someone who craves delicious summer food, then your pain is completely understandable. But there is some good news too !!

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The cold season comes loaded with superfoods that you can eat to keep yourself healthy. This means you no longer have to keep yourself waiting until the summer arrives.

Best Healthy Foods to eat in winter

#1. Soup

Winters are the perfect time to enjoy a different variety of soups that can help you live comfortably.

However, make sure to avoid much salt, beef soup, cream, or other heavy ingredients to get the most out of it.

Try to prepare soup where water is taken as the base and includes a lot of veggies which can be beneficial for health. It is recommended to prepare soups with chicken broth or whole-grain crackers.

#2. Warm milk and dairy products

Another food item that will help you stay healthy during winter is warm milk and dairy products. To be precise, this includes items like cheese and yogurt.

Intake of these food items is suggested because they are rich in vitamin B12, vitamin A, proteins, calcium, and others. People who tend to fall ill frequently or catch a cold in winter should definitely stick to this diet.

Adding yogurt to a winter diet is probably a great idea as it contains good gut bacteria which improves digestive function and fights against infections. Moreover, choose to drink skimmed or semi-skimmed milk instead of full fat besides low-fat plain yogurt to lower the calorie intake.

#3. Cauliflower and broccoli

Do you exercise regularly and eat a lot of vegetables? But you want something to fight against the winter sickness? Well, then add cauliflower and broccoli to your diet today.

These two food items come packed with a lot of vitamin C and also enhance the immune system of the body.

Broccoli has also proven to be useful in fighting against diseases like cancer. It might pose a threat in getting these fresh vegetables but choosing to go for the frozen ones makes no difference either.

#4. Kale

People who are running low in potassium should pick the most versatile green vegetable which is Kale. You can prepare kale soup, chips, salad, or check out a new recipe to enjoy it.

This vegetable helps to lower blood pressure by removing excess sodium from the body.

Women who are pregnant should know that Kale is also rich in folate which has proven to be helpful in farming the fetal neural tube.

#5. Citrus fruits

When the winter and the flu season hit together, that’s when you should run after the citrus fruits.

You might miss the summertime fruits, but these are no exception. To be particular, some of the citrus fruits that you can add to your diet include lemons, oranges, grapefruits, and others.

These are rich in minerals, vitamin C, phytochemicals, and other useful nutrition which keeps the body healthy. So blend some fresh oranges and prepare smoothies or lemon wedges for your evening tea now.

#6. Apples

If you stepped in the early winter already and have started to miss the touch of summer, then apples could be your lifesaver.

Being rich in vitamin C and soluble fiber like pectin, these are really healthy addition to the diet. Having apples can help in lowering cholesterol levels and fight against flu too.

So cut some apples or prepare an apple pie to treat yourself to the best. Remember when they said that? An apple a day keeps the doctor away !! That’s true.

#7. Sweet potatoes

A sweetheart and a cold-weather food that is loved by all? Yes, you guessed it right !!

The way everyone enjoys eating sweet potatoes cannot be missed talking about. These are not just yummy to eat but can also be a great addition to your diet.

Sweet potatoes are a good source of beta carotene and antioxidants which can fight against radical damage and inflammation. Moreover, they are also known to heal your gut, slow the signs of aging and lose weight.

#8. Beets

Finding fresh vegetables can be a daunting task during this winter month. But on the other side, everyone is aware of how nutritious beets can be.

As these can withstand the cold weather, they are readily available anytime. These dark root vegetables are rich in folate, potassium, and beta carotene.

It would also not be wrong if we say that the beetroots are so rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, that if you eat them adequately, you won’t face vitamin deficiencies as per the physicians. Furthermore, Beets are easy to cook and consume – meaning you can have them either boiled, raw, or roasted.

#9. Avocado

A nearly perfect food that you probably should not miss this winter is Avocados. You can associate them with summertime tacos and margaritas as well.

These come with enormous health benefits that cannot be counted on fingers.

With a healthy fat content of omega 3, and vitamin B’s like riboflavin, niacin folate, B6, and pantothenic acid, Avocados would serve you the best. Besides that, some other nutrients they come with include magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, E, and K.

#10. Egg, fish, and chicken

If you are a non-vegetarian and just want to stay away from greens, then egg, fish, and chicken could be a healthy addition to your diet.

Besides being rich in protein, they come packed with a good number of vitamins. These items come loaded with high amounts of iron and calcium too.

If you add egg, fish, and chicken to your diet, it would help to maintain the immune system. Furthermore, they are also proven to reduce stress and fatigue levels.

#11. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a highly nutritious food to eat in winter which you can add to your morning diet. These are rich in zinc and fiber that improve immunity and heart health.

They are also known to lower blood sugar levels and ease constipation problems. Moreover, they promote healthy bacteria in the gut and lower the chances of colon cancer.

Though oatmeal can be expensive to purchase, there are brands that sell it at affordable rates.

#12. Dates

Dates are the most helpful dry fruits you would come across. They are low in fats and have high amounts of nutrients as well.

If you add them to your diet, these would help to avoid laziness, improve digestion and maintain the immune system.

You can have these every morning during breakfast to see better results.

Winter is here, and so are the mouthwatering foods !!

It’s almost the time of the month when we lay down in bed wearing layers and layers of warm clothes.

Adding to that kind, eating the winter special food items mentioned above can help us stay healthy and fit.

Just make sure to keep your medical conditions in mind before choosing any food item so that it does not negatively impact your health. Lastly, it is also recommended to consult with your health expert if required.

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