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Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Name itself has its origination, Break – Fast, a meal with which you can Break overnight fast and provide the required boost to your body and brain.

It is important to keep breakfast as much nutritious as possible.

Healthy food combinations are beneficial for our health and also keep us away from diseases.

Here are some combination of items, eating each item singly even is nutritious, but combining them provides more nutrition’s to our body and also absorbs quickly in our body.

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1) Onion & Garlic – Both contain antioxidants and sculpture. Eating them together prevents heart-related diseases and cancer.

2) Almond & Curd – It increases calcium absorption in our body resulting in strong bones.

3) Lemon water with Turmeric powder – It helps fighting depression and boost mood.

4) Rice & Beans – Eating this combination helps us getting together all the required Amino Acids by our body.

5) Curd & Banana – Eating this combination helps the body fight against any muscle damage happening during exercise.

6) Salad with Eggs – Mixing eggs in the salad helps the body in absorbing nutrition’s quickly and increase its nutritional value.

7) Oatmeal & Orange Juice – Drinking Orange juice full of Vitamin C with Oatmeal is very beneficial for the heart.

8) Tomato & Broccoli – This combination helps the body fight against Cancer tumor especially Prostrate Cancer.

9) Sweet Potato with Coconut Oil – Eating Sweet Potato fried in Coconut Oil is very beneficial for the skin.

10) Apple & Chocolate – Chocolate with anti-inflammatory flavonoids contained in apple protects against heart-related diseases.

11) Garlic & Fish – This increases body immunity, to fight against various diseases.

12) Lemon & Beans – Mixing lemon in cooked Beans strengthen lungs.

13) Tomato & Avocado – Avacado makes antioxidants available in tomatoes more absorbable by the body and reduces the risk of cancer.

14) Avocado & Eggs – Avocado contains healthy fats and eggs are full of protein.

15) Berries & Green leafy vegetables – Berries namely – Blueberries, Strawberries, Cranberries, Blackberries are full of fiber and nutrients. Green leafy vegetables are full of magnesium, fiber, vitamins, and protein.

16) Berries & Oats – Oats are an inexpensive low-calorie super food and a good source of potassium, protein, iron and low in fats containing soluble fiber. Pairing Oats with berries full of fiber and nutrients increases the nutritional value of the meal. If you are gluten sensitive then you can go for gluten-free oats.

17) Quinoa & Flax – Quinoa full of protein containing required amino acids and a good source of iron, potassium, vitamin b make them fantastic breakfast ingredient. Flax a tasty fiber and full of omega 3 compensate the fiber content of the breakfast meal, as Quinoa being low in fiber.

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