The Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

“Yoga is keeping your thoughts energy still“.

Only a mother can understand all what she goes through in these nine months of the pregnancy. To help share the tension, Yoga is what the doctor’s suggest. Kind of yoga known as prenatal yoga is the easiest and widest used way of keeping your body healthy and fit during pregnancy.

Not only physically but also emotionally prenatal yoga is very beneficial for the expecting mother. Yoga is an ideal way for moms-to-be to stay in shape. Yoga means Breath + Mind + Body, which means that it takes care not only for physical but also for the mental fitness of the mother, which is equally important.

yoga for pregnancy

Prenatal yoga is a healthy practice to embrace during pregnancy—Yes, It is the most recommended measure to take upon by the doctors during pregnancy. But what specifically can yoga do to help you feel healthy and to stay calm during these important nine months your life, is the question we will be answering.

Not only for mother, but prenatal yoga is one of the best things that you can do for your growing baby. Prenatal yoga helps connect mother to the baby.

According to a recent research studies, prenatal yoga helps you physically by- lowering your chance of having pregnancy complications, it lower the pain you face , nausea, constipation, gas and also lower your stress levels.

The correct yoga practice during pregnancy can reduce the low back pain, improve blood circulation, reduce water retention and strengthen the pelvic muscle. Apart from physically, yoga as mentioned above is also very beneficial emotionally.

Yoga experts believe that Meditation and breathing helps you deal with mood swings. Pranayama can train the mind to stay calm. Relaxation techniques may help to reduce Post-natal depression.

Breathe deeply and regularly as you go through your yoga routine. If you’re already a practicing yoga since long time, your regular routine will require changes as time goes on.

Take your time and never push yourself to the point of pain. Also, do not hold single poses for a long time: It’s important to keep moving because standing still for too long slows the rate of blood flow.

Now what is important is that you find the correct yoga practice for you. Choose a safe style of yoga, particularly if you have chance of risk in pregnancy or any kind of complications.

The two best yoga pose to follow during pregnancy:

First one is Squatting/Crouch: Experts recommends going for a squat pose every day to relax and open the pelvis. Squatting strengthen the upper legs. As you start to feel heavier during pregnancy, rest your bottom on props and Focus on relaxing.

Steps for Squatting:

• Stand facing the back of a chair with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, toes pointed outward. (You can hold the back of the chair for support).

• Contract your abdominal muscles, raise your chest, and just relax your shoulders. Then lower your tailbone toward the floor as though you were going to sit on a chair (Try to find your balance, before you start to exercise – most of your weight should be toward your heels).

• Hold the position for as long as it’s comfortable.

• Take a deep breath and, exhaling, push into your legs to rise to a standing position.

Another pose is the Side-lying position:

• Lie on your left or right side with your head resting on your arm or a blanket.

• Put a cushion or roll a blanket between your thighs to give your hips some aid.

• Follow some breathing exercise as suggested by your instructor.

In the end we would suggest, you should always get your doctor’s go-ahead before practicing yoga, while you’re pregnant, especially if it’s a type you haven’t done before and you should only practice prenatal yoga under the guidance of yoga instructor or expert. Even then always listen to your body. When something hurts, or if you feel tired, that’s your warning to stop.

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