How to Use Chia Seeds for Weight Loss There are many options but one of the most interesting ones is chia seeds weight loss.

Obesity has become the problem of most of the individuals and everyone is trying to fight against it and live a healthy life. By healthy we don’t mean a body with no fats but a body with good metabolism and correct BMI (body mass index). With today’s fast moving life it’s tough to exercise on daily basis and look through our meal every day. Everyone is looking for an alternative for hard work, and searching for something easier and simpler. Worry not! We bring you the benefits of chia seeds for weight loss.

Chia seeds weight loss

They are boon for people trying to lose weight, they are considered to be one of the healthiest foods on planet. They are constituted of nutrients that are beneficial for both brain and body. It consists of protein, fiber and many more substances. We all know that protein and fiber in itself have great effect on our body.

Benefits of chia seeds for Weight Loss

1) More nutrients, few calories:

Chia seed contains a lot of nutrients and has very few calories which come like a cherry on top of cake for a person trying to lose weight.

According to ancient Mayan Civilization Chia is the word for strength. Although it has ancient history of dietary fiber but the powerful punch of chia seeds were realized a few years ago.

2) House of antioxidants:

Antioxidants are known to have great impact on metabolism of a human body, a good metabolism results in a good digestive system that in turn acts as chain in dissolving most of the fats consumed by an individual.

3) Most carb is fiber:

As an individual, while consuming a portion of food we are concerned about the amount of carbohydrates or fat but to bring a smile on your face chia seeds mostly have fibers which are easily digestible. It acts as a house of power in just small quantity of consumption.

4) Protein content is high:

As a kid we all read that protein are the building blocks of human body and chia seeds contains 14% of protein by weight.

Proteins are made up of amino acids which have peptide bonds which are easily break-able; hence it is easier for an individual to gain a lot of energy and protein when they consumes a handful of chia seeds.

5) Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids:

According to a research chia seeds contains more omega 3s than salmon.
But as you may think it is that easy to consume, I would like to stop you there and say that “ALA is present in omega 3s which requires EDP and DHA to digest”. Human body has no DHA contain hence they are told to consume fish fat.

On a note, while consuming chia seeds a vegan can take DHA supplement and a non-vegetarian person can consume a lots of fish fat and fish oil.

6) Enhances blood markers:

Since, chia seeds are rich in protein, omega 3s and fiber they tend to increase the metabolic capacity of a human body.

As the metabolism increases it affects the heart and blood function in a good way. In a research it is observed that a meal along with chia seeds helped in lowering LDL cholesterol.

7) Contains nutrients good for bone:

Nutrients required for bones are mostly calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Chia seeds contain 17% of calcium which is a large quantity and helpful for people in their older ages as for them it would be easily digestible and would add up for bone nutrients.

8) Boon for type 2 diabetic patients:

Diabetes is a disease which is not curable and invites many other diseases as well.

In a research 35 diabetic patient showed improvement when chia seeds were incorporated in their meal, blood pressure was lowered and it has an impact on the inflammation.

9) Can be used as a sport’s drink:

A handful of chia seeds when mixed along with milk, water or any drink while workout increases the nutritional quotient of the drink and in turn it does not add up any extra calorie.

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