Basic tips for pregnant women during the COVID – 19 pandemic

If you are pregnant during this pandemic, don’t panic. We understand it is critical, and we want to stay safe. So for you and your coming children, here’s a professional guide for you to stay safe and fit.

Pregnant women at this moment have to take additional care of their healthiness. As we all understand, the novel coronavirus grows through respiratory droplets transmitted into the air when someone who has COVID – 19 coughs or sneezes. It may also involve when someone touches a cover contaminated by a person who has the virus. Investigators are performing fast to learn more about the new coronavirus and its effect on our daily energies and, of course, on pregnant women.

Healthy pregnant tips

The present, hopeful reviews of the new coronavirus are primarily based on a study issued last month in The Lancet of nine pregnant women in their third trimester in Wuhan, China, who had pneumonia induced by COVID – 19. None of the women developed painful illnesses, and all of their infants were born healthy. The risk of giving the disease to the fetus seems to be very lowly, and there is no proof of any fetal malformations or results due to maternal infection with COVID – 19.

This is even more essential for pregnant females because they have entire responsibility for the care of their unborn child. That is why you can adequately save yourself and your baby by taking more protection than moderate at this time. Dr. Shobha Gupta, medical director and IVF specialist, Mother’s Lap IVF Center, means that “one reason to worry about COVID – 19 in pregnancy is that women are prone to become severely ill with flu when they are pregnant”. “This is because pregnancy stops a person’s immune system. Further, the fetus and uterus can begin pressing other organs, including the lungs, in the last stages of pregnancy. As a result, some regions of the lungs become less able to spread air, exiting them more predisposed to infection,” she said.

What do you do if you fall ill?

If you evolve ill with signs of cough, fever, and face problems in breathing, it is recommended to stay at the house and call your local healthcare assistant for guidance. If you are located ill with COVID – 19, please get in touch with your midwife or antenatal supervision provider and notify them about your illness. Submission instructions on how to move with antenatal care appointments and delivery methods during the duration of your condition.

“Many hospitals in our nation are emphasizing on the focus testing of pregnant women with COVID – 19 signs, sequestration of pregnancy wards from established COVID – 19 cases, a height of care for many pregnant women with respiratory infections, and additional care for all women in delivery, in case breathing difficulties should arise,” informed Dr. Shweta Goswami, senior adviser gynecologist, and IVF expert, Jaypee and Cloudnine Hospital, Noida.

Follow the prevention steps.

The Government of India is handling steps to bypass crowding. Pregnant women should avoid running out to run chores to prevent infection. If, for some cause, you have to launch out, use a mask that protects your face perfectly. Also, please do not touch the mask other than the belts to wear it and drag it. Provide you practice social distancing of at least one meter from any individual.

Know about the infection

Be very conscious of the possible signs of coronavirus and common flu signs so that pregnant ladies can call their health provider if they have encountered any, including fever, respiratory signs, or perhaps even diarrhea. Further, if you have lived in contact with somebody who has tested positive for COVID – 19, you should watch your temperature and be particularly aware of any respiratory signs. Your doctor can advise the best steps for care and testing.

Ensure necessary precautions

It is essential to wash your hands comprehensively with soap several times a day for at least 20 seconds. If you are in a position where water is not available, keep using an alcohol-based sanitizer to clean your hands.

Regular online check-ups

Regular check–ups during pregnancy are essential for the health of your baby and you. To underestimate any potential risk, it is essential that you have your check–up occasionally. “But during this hour of corona problem, except essential pregnancy check-ups, try conferring your doctor online. Many offices are already working to consolidate in-person appointments; for example, a routine prenatal check might be added to the same visit if someone is coming in for an ultrasound. So separated from social distancing, try and miss your routine check–ups to online talks. But at the same time, it is very necessary to tell your doctor directly if any health problems arise,” reported Dr. Anubha Singh, gynecologist, and IVF, Shantah Fertility Centre.

Do not touch your face repeatedly.

If you have a pattern of constantly touching your mouth, eyes, nose, and ears, modify this instantly. It is actually more essential for pregnant women because it can be dangerous to their health as well as to their babies.

Get enough sleep

Pregnant women require to support the body and mind fully energetic. To keep the body and control activity, you need to get sufficient sleep. It has been proved in many pieces of research that by getting enough sleep each day, our body’s immunity increases amazingly. If your immunity is right, you can effortlessly avoid many health issues. Along with this, moments of rest are significant for the baby growing in your womb. So do not compromise and make confident you get sufficient sleep.

Balanced diet

The immune system’s effectiveness dips during pregnancy, putting pregnant people at a more increased risk of acquiring many infectious illnesses, whether foodborne or respiratory. So pregnant mothers must have a healthy diet. Your child also obtains nutrients from what you eat. A balanced diet should focus on supplying good nutrition to your baby during pregnancy. The proper diet and all sorts of vitamins improve your body’s capacity to fight against infections. So without delay, get a diet chart from your professional and eat a balanced diet according to it.

Measures For Pregnant Women To Prevent COVID – 19 Infection

  • Remain at the house as much as feasible and maintain the number of guests at home, including housekeepers, to a minimum.
  • Keep social distancing of at least 1 meter from any other person in the home.
  • Wash hands repeatedly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or uses a disinfectant.
  • Cover mouth and nose with bent elbow or tissue during coughing or sneezing and dispose of the tissue in the bin. Avoid touching eyes, mouth, and nose as much as possible.

How To Prevent The Spread Of Coronavirus

In keeping with the method of transmission, it is essential to control the spread of the virus by:

  • Following severe social distancing (keeping a distance of at least 2 mt with another person).
  • Modeling face masks at all times and regular hand washing.
  • Visit hospitals only when called with no/one attendant to ensure safety.
  • Keep in touch with your obstetrician on the phone regarding the scheduled visits.
  • Continue with their routine Antenatal visits as per the obstetrician’s advice, although they may be fewer in number or more spaced according to clinical profile. Simple queries should be addressed on the phone itself. The patient should also make arrangements and stock up essential medicines for a few months if the clinic or society is closed.
  • Advised to self–monitor baby movements at home according to the recommended protocol.
  • Should take adequate rest. Should eat healthily and follow a well–balanced diet.

These are some essential tips for pregnant women during the COVID – 19 pandemic. By following these simple tips, the pregnant woman and her baby can remain safe and healthy.


Do pregnant women have a higher risk of getting coronavirus infection?

According to the current data, pregnant women do not seem to be at higher risk or more unwell than other healthy adults if they are infected with COVID – 19. If it appears also, then most pregnant women might encounter only mild or moderate cold/flu-like signs.

What care should I accept at home while pregnant during COVID 19 pandemic?

The preventive measures remain the same for everyone, whether at home or outside/traveling. Social distancing, using face masks, frequent hand wash, general actions, and ‘Do the Five’ principle.

What steps should I follow if I get sick from COVID 19 during pregnancy?

The first thing you should do when you feel sick from COVID 19 is self–monitor and report if symptoms arise. After you say to the hospital, you will be tested, isolated, and further kept under observation and treated as per your symptoms by the healthcare team.

Is it OK to let visitors meet my newborn baby at home?

It is advised to minimize visitors ( and only one attendant with the patient ) from coming to meet the mother and newborn after delivery.

During pregnancy, what care should I take while visiting the hospital?

Asymptomatic and uninfected woman – Advised deferring routine visits. For little ailments and queries – Select telephonic or video calling.

For the essential milestone visits:

  • The 12 – and 19 – week scans – Mothers recommended keeping a check on fetal indications.
  • Thirty – two weeks – next stop for the scan.
  • For any other essential holidays, your doctor and healthcare team will let you know your health and condition.

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