Ayurvedic Tips for Good Digestion

Our body is made up of many systems which if works in proper synchronization then one can live a healthy life. So it is necessary to take care that all the processes taking place in our body should be taking place properly. One of the main systems is the Digestive System which starts from the mouth from where one takes its foods.

The main function of the Digestive system is to fetch all the nutrients from the food that one takes in and deliver that nutrient to different parts of the body as per the need arises. Whereas the remains are discarded in the form of urine and stools.



Due to bad digestion, many problems occur as the body systems don’t get synchronized properly and other body parts don’t get the required nutrients. The problems that occur due to bad digestion are


it is the throwing up of food from the food pipe due to indigestion


Due to poor digestion the waste nutrients are not secreted by the organs and so the food remains in the stomach which results in bloating and weight gain


it is the undigested food remains that occur in the stools

Nutrient deficiency

Due to indigestion the required minerals are not secreted which creates a deficiency, Ayurveda has solutions for everything similarly it has many tips for Good Digestion as well.

Ayurveda is an ancient medical practice followed in India since ages which are based on a balance between different body systems and its treatment is based on diet control, herbs, and yoga. Ayurveda has very good tips for improving digestion. Here are some tips from Ayurveda for improving your digestive system:

High Fiber Diet

One should take high fiber diet like fruits, oats, legumes, etc. these type of foods allow the food to move through the digestive tract which allows the organs to take proper minerals from the food and the waste is moved out of the body. Avoid stored and canned food as once they are canned it doesn’t contain nutrients anymore.


Drinking water makes your body hydrated which helps to dissolve fats and nutrients. Drinking warm water with lemon in the morning helps to throw out all the waste in the body and thus keeps the body in good condition. Water should not be drunk immediately after a meal as the fire called “Jattar Agni” is there in the stomach which helps to digest food but if one drinks water immediately then that fire would extinguish which would result in poor digestion.

Ginger Tea

Ginger is the remedy which is beneficial to many parts of the body, by drinking ginger relaxes the abdomen muscles which helps in gastric problem recovery.

Don’t Overeat

Due to overeating, the stomach does not have enough energy to digest the food which results in gastric problems and stomach bloating.

Support Digestion After Eating

When you have finished eating, it is important to take a full, deep breath before getting up and moving on to your next activity. This helps the body to register satisfaction and retains a helpful level of mindfulness as you transition away from eating. Some people also benefit from the probiotic effect of enjoying a small cup of Lassi after a meal. Lassi is made with one part fresh, homemade yogurt blended with four parts water, and you can add a pinch of cumin powder and salt to aid digestion.4 If meals tend to make you sleepy, a very short walk after a meal can be highly beneficial.

Avoid Excess of Coffee Tea Liquor Smoking

Due to excess of intake of all these foods stomach is badly affected as it leads to dehydration which leads to ulcers.

Chew food properly

breaking down of food starts from the mouth itself which is the first process of digestion after the food breaks down the digestion of carbohydrates starts with saliva and enzyme.

Take Proper amount of Acid in the diet

Acid should be taken in the proper amount as more amount of acid will lead to acidic blood which in turn leads to acidity, while on the other hand low amount of acid would not be able to digest the food properly.

Thus as described If Digestion process is not working properly then the whole body gets upset so proper care should be taken for the body processes.

Thus as described If Digestion process is not working properly then the whole body gets upset so above mentioned Ayurvedic diet tips are worthy to apply and proper care should be taken for the body processes.

Meditate to Reduce Stress

Stress can have a very detrimental impact on our overall health and is particularly disruptive to the digestive process. editation is a beautiful subtle therapy that not only encourages stress reduction, but that also supports the proper digestion of thoughts and emotions, encourages a healthier mental and emotional state, and helps us to develop more productive responses to stressful situations.

Fresh Air & Pranayama

Just as fire is fed by fresh air, Agni is kindled when we breathe deeply and relax our bodies. This might be something as simple as going for a walk or a hike in nature.

• Nadi Shodhana for Vata imbalances.
• Sheetali for pitta imbalances.
• Bhastrika for Kapha imbalances.

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