Ayurvedic Tips For Fair Baby In Pregnancy List of such foods which are anyway healthy in pregnancy.

“It is the most powerful creation to have a life growing inside you. There is no bigger gift” –Beyonce

It’s wonderfully said in the quote above that pregnancy is the most beautiful thing in a woman’s life, but it can be scary as well especially for the first timers. There are so many things that mothers want to know to keep their babies healthy, intelligent and fair. A pregnant woman should have a strict watch on whatever they eat as they’re eating for both themselves and the baby that is growing inside her womb.


Here are some Ayurvedic Tips and diets on how to have a fair baby:


Fruits and vegetables are a must if you want to have a healthy, intelligent and fair baby.


-> They contain potassium that helps regulate the blood pressure
-> They give beta carotene which helps the baby grow strong immune system, vision and develops cells & tissues
-> It even provides vitamin C for strong bones and teet

There is so much more to it. These all added up together will give you an intelligent and fair bab

Some of the must have fruits and vegetables during the pregnancy are:

-> Orange: It helps recover the skin tone as it is full of Vitamin C
-> Pineapple: It is good to consume one glass of fresh pineapple juice once a week.
-> Coconut: It is a very strong belief especially in India that having kernel of coconut will make you baby fair in color.
-> Green Leafy vegetables: They provide lot of iron
-> Avocados: As they’re known for their richness in omega and are also a very good source of vitamin E

Aim to eat at least 2 cups of fruits and 2-3 cups of vegetables every day


#2 Milk:

Milk is essential for a pregnant woman to drink at the time of pregnancy. This is because milk is good for the development of the fetus and has the essential nutrients that help to make skin soft with an amazing glow. Milk is essential for a woman anyways in every stage of her life, but if she hasn’t been having milk before, it is very important for her to have it especially during the period of pregnancy. By doing this, she would save herself from the weakening of her as well as her child’s bodies which would indirectly lead to darkening of the skin color of her baby.



Saffron is generally good for skin, hair and health. It is believed that to have a fair child intake of saffron milk is a must and in addition, the skin of the baby will not only have a glow, but it will also be moistened.

saffron milk

#4 EGG:

Eggs contain the whole lot needed to bring life and are best recognized for protein, which is in particular needed for collagen making. In meticulous, the yolks are most advantageous as they’re jam-packed with skin clearing selenium, zinc and protein, among other vitamins.

Egg- Diet food tip


In order to deliver a fair baby, mothers must consume almonds (almonds may preferably be soaked). Also, once the baby is born, mothers are recommended to massage their infant’s bodies with almond oil as it may not only make it smooth but will also add a glow to their skin

nuts diet food tip

#6 GHEE:

Study says that when a pregnant lady adds ghee to her meal, she will have a lesser painful delivery than otherwise. On the other hand, ghee also helps to develop the color of the skin for the fetus and makes skin glow. Also, mothers should opt for ghee during pregnancy rather than oil as ghee has many advantages over it.



Intake of water of the soaked fennel seeds will also improve the color of the skin of the baby. Pregnant woman should drink around 3 ml of the soaked fennel seeds water first thing in the morning. It has other benefits too as it will also help reduce the nausea feeling.

fennel seeds

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. Is it safe to drink Saffron milk during pregnancy?

Drinking saffron milk will induce a lot of heat and so it is advisable to drink it in the last trimester. Make sure you drink little quantity of saffron milk, as drinking in more quantity can lead to miscarriage. Best you can do take four-five threads of saffron, one spoon of milk, mix well and drink first thing in the morning. It is always advisable to consult your Gynecologist as they will be able to guide you to see your condition, whether drinking saffron milk is advisable for you or not.

2. Almonds – how much quantity is good?

Almonds have always been considered healthy especially for memory. It is advisable to each around 40 gm of nut in the first trimester, 70 gm in the second trimester, and 100 gm in the third trimester. Always soak the almond overnight and remove the peel before eating. An excessive quantity is dangerous not just during pregnancy but also in normal life. Do not eat if you are allergic to almonds without consulting your Gynecologist and physician.

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