Ayurvedic Diet Tips for lowering Cholesterol Naturally

Ayurvedic medicine is one of the ancient medical systems based on the natural understanding of Mind heart and body. From Ayurveda’s perspective, Cholesterol isn’t bad, it is actually essential for the body to function smoothly until it is in a balanced amount. There are two types of Cholesterol namely Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) and High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL).

Ayurveda says cholesterol is good until you have HDL in a high amount as it is good cholesterol and it acts as a protective shield. But on the other hand, LDL is known as bad cholesterol which is a thick substance that would build up in the arteries and leads to blockage of arteries which eventually turns to heart blockage and heart attack.

Ayurvedic-Diet Tips for lowering cholesterol

To lower the cholesterol, the main aim should be to either lower the LDL or increase the HDL. High LDL is not good for health while increasing HDL is good for health as HDL transfers the bad fat that is LDL to the liver and thus reduces the risk of heart diseases. There are numerous ways to reduce bad cholesterol in the body through the help of Ayurvedic medicines without any side effects to any other body parts.

1) Drink more amount of water so that the bad fat doesn’t get accumulated and is thrown out of the body.

2) Chew or swallow garlic clove in the morning before having tea/coffee or breakfast which would increase the HDL level within a month. Garlic helps to disintegrate the cholesterol in the arteries and frees the liquid substance accumulated in the arteries.

3) Have fibrous foods like oats, spinach, broccoli, cabbage. Foods with a great amount of fiber help to digest hard fat easily. Foods like Barley help to enhance fat metabolism.

4) Having a spoon of isabgool/Psyllium seed husks with water at the time of bed is as a boon for the person’s having high cholesterol.

5) Chewing 5-6 curry leaves daily would lower the cholesterol level.

6) To increase HDL level having 2 -3 pieces of walnuts would be very beneficiary.

7) Drinking the dried and crushed watermelon seeds with water once a day would help to lower LDL.

8) If you are a chain smoker then you need to quit smoking and chewing tobacco to lower HDL.

9) Lower the consumption of Meat, eggs and other fat-rich items.

10) Fruits like Peach, Strawberries, Pear are good to reduce fat

11) Green Leafy vegetables and bitter foods like chard, kale, mustard green help to prevent bad cholesterol from getting accumulated in the body.

12) One should avoid sweet, salty and fatty foods like cakes pastries, other dairy products inducing a high amount of fat.

13) Replace unhealthy oil by Ghee in your cooked foods as ghee is good fat and oil is a type of bad fat. One can have olive oils, sesame oils, etc. they are good fats.

14) Chewing Holy basil leaves daily would dissolve the cholesterol in the body.

15) Guggulu (Commiphora Mukul) is an ancient herb whose regular use can decrease the cholesterol, 25gms of this guggulsterones thrice a day would be very effective.

16) Coriander helps to perform the function of excretion by the kidneys smoothly which would not allow the fats to get accumulated.

17) Having soya beans or other soy products or soya milk would actively lower the amount of cholesterol.

18) Turmeric powder has cholesterol-lowering property.

19) Avoid Alcohol for fast and best results.

Thus Ayurveda proves that it has therapies and treatment for all the problems in today’s world.

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