Ayurvedic Diet plan for Shravan Fast

As per Hindu religion, Shravan is the month of God Shiva and many Hindus opt for fast through the month. This month falls in monsoon, and it will be very pleasant climate through the month. Besides being pleasant, this month is when many of us will fall ill and so it is necessary we stay cautious about what to eat and what not to.

Shavan Fast

Here are some tips on what is safe to eat and what is not.

1) Green leafy vegetables

As this month falls in monsoon, green leafy vegetables will be infected by bacteria and mites and eating this can cause stomach related problems.

2) Eggplant

In this season, decay will take place which causes bacteria growth in eggplant. Eating this can lead to digestive disorder and causes gas.

3) Curd

Due to curd being cold in nature eating too much of it can cause cough and cold as well as throat related disorder.

4) Milk

It is said that Milk is a good source of various nutrients but drinking more than a glass in this season can cause gas and stomach related disorders.

5) Oily Food items

As digestion being a week in this season, it is suggested not to eat oily and fried foods or munch on the heavy meal.

6) It is good to eat food items which can be easily digestible and properly cooked and warm.

7) Vegetable like Bottle gourd & Ridge gourd

It is beneficial to eat vegetables like Bottle gourd, tomatoes, Ridge gourd, etc and vegetables which grow on the vine as they being easy to digest in this season.

8) Seasonal Fruits

As per Ayurvedic, it is beneficial to eat seasonal fruits like Apple, Banana, Pomegranate, Pears, etc.

9) Ayurvedic Medicine

Harde (Beliric myrobalan) – Eating Beliric myrobalan/Harde one time in a day protects against stomach related disorder.

10) It is advisable to eat only warn and fresh food and hot drinks like tea, coffee.

11) If you are fasting ones a day and one time you are having a full meal then it is advisable to grains and pulses like eating rice, wheat, corn, linseed oil(સરસિયું), Moong, Toor Dal.

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