Ayurvedic diet Plan for Diabetes Keeping sugar in control is tough for Diabitic patient, and requires systemtic diet plan. Follow this Ayurvedic diet plan for keeping your sugar in check.

According to sources around 422 million people are suffering from diabetes worldwide. You will often find some person when you visit some family function that he or she is looking for sweets on a name that they have diabetes and family does not allow them to eat sweets at home.

Guys that are one of hell wrong thing you do to your health. Diabetes is a disease in which the person has high blood glucose (blood sugar), either because insulin production is inadequate, or because the body’s cells do not respond properly to insulin or both. Patients with high blood sugar will typically experience frequent urination; they will become increasingly thirsty and hungry. As Ayurveda has cure of every disease we notify you some Ayurvedic diet plan to cure and control diabetes. This will give you a complete resistance to your health from diabetes.

Some Ayurvedic diet plan to cure and control diabetes

Ayurvedic diet plan

Early morning( Yes early morning means 5 am to 7 am):

Some people do not have early morning word in their dictionary as they tend to wake up late but that’s a very bad habit. The best thing in the morning you can have is a cup of herbal infusion and honey.

Preparing Tips: The ideal way to prepare herbal infusion would be to pour a sufficient quantity of piping hot boiling water in a jar of dry stocked herbs. Sip this water with a teaspoon of honey to kick start your body’s metabolism. An ideal mix of herbs would be a tsp of crushed mulethi, a bark of cinnamon, three pods of crushed cardamom, a tsp of crushed coriander seeds. 150 – 300ml of the drink is ideal to give essential metabolism to kick start the day

Breakfast( Have it King size)

Insoluble fiber-rich whole cereals like Bajra, ragi maize, and its preparations is an ideal breakfast for a diabetic. Try varieties with the native cereals as pancakes, steamed idlis, paddu, versions of roti. Fermenting the cereal mix enhances its micro-nutrient bio-availability. Consuming it with spicy condiments like mint, coriander, tomato, herbal chutneys ensures adequate digestion and absorption for diabetics with slugged digestive metabolism. 40-60gms of dry cereal mix flour is sufficient to make a king-sized breakfast.

For the patient suffering from Diabetes food ingredients containing syamaka, kodrava and uddalaka variety of rice, godhuma (wheat), canaka, adhaki and kulattha pulse beans which are stored for a long time after harvesting are always wholesome.


A thali plate meal with whole steamed red rice or Saamai rice, a bowl of horse gram dal/dal soup, one bowl of steamed legumes and one bowl of steamed veggie, a glass of buttermilk gives enough calories and satiety for the diabetic appetite.

50gms of cooked steamed rice, 40 gms of cooked dal, 100 gms each of legumes and veggies and 150 ml of buttermilk is the ideal portion size.


A glass of warm spiced light mulethi milk tea [100ml] aids digestion of the previous meal simultaneously maintaining the transition of digestive metabolism from the day to evening 60gms of the snack gives almost equal amounts of protein for the day.


A bowl of oats porridge, broken wheat porridge with buttermilk and a medium sized bowl of steamed veggies is the best way to wind up the day. Alternatively, wheat and its preparations like roti, phulka, tandoor with sumptuous veg curries maintain satiety for the diabetic appetite.


Before the bedtime, one glass of plain milk will suit best in the Ayurvedic diet plan.
So this is it for the daily routine of the diabetes patients but in case of insulin and non insulin resistant diabetes, we have some other Ayurvedic diet plan and tips.

In insulin-resistant diabetes:

Rough food articles such as boiled barley, barley cakes, flour of parched grains and apupa (a dietary preparation) should be eaten with palatable meat-soup of chicken. He should take sali rice with soup of green gram and bitter vegetables added with oil of danti and ingudi or linseed and mustard. In cereals, he should use sastika and wild rice. The diet should consist mainly of barley.

In Non-Insulin dependent diabetes:

Eat various preparations of barley added with honey. Barley grain dipped in a decoction of triphala for the whole night makes a saturation food when taken with honey. The patient may also take them regularly mixed with vinegar for the alleviation of prameha. They should use flour of parched grains, bolus, parched grains and other various edibles made of barley impregnated with decoctions of drugs prescribed in the treatment K prameha.

Other than this some other Ayurvedic tips which may you should include in your diet that are;

  •  Use dry ginger with cardamom while bath.
  •  Take an oil massage.
  •  Do exercise regularly.
  •  Drink water that is kept in a copper vessel for a night during the early hours.
  •  Follow some of the non-dietary regiments like asanas, exercises like deep breathing and yoga.
  •  You should keep a specific time between your lunch and dinner.
  •  Eat herbal preparations to prevent problems related to digestion.

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