Ayurvedic Diet Dos and Don’ts for Diabetes

As rightly said “You become what you eat” so eating good quality and fresh food is just as important as the exercises or Yoga you do in your day to day life for keeping your physical as well as the psychological state in a good condition.

ayurvedic diet diabetes

Ayurveda which means Science of Life (Ayur = life, Veda= science) comprises of religion and traditional knowledge to cure various diseases and was hugely popular during ancient times. According to Vedas, diabetes is termed as Silent Killer and a diabetic patient needs to avoid various food products like sugar, rice, potato, fried food, etc., to maintain their blood sugar level. With that in mind, what they consume is equally significant. So here are some dos and don’ts which a person with diabetes must follow for maintaining the blood sugar level and a healthy lifestyle.

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• Chickpeas: They are not just a great source of proteins for diabetics, which generally lacks in their diet, it also helps in maintaining insulin level when consumed with fat containing food.

• Bitter gourd juice: With the simple recipe of blending and grinding, this can work wonders for people with high sugar levels.

• Neem: Neem leaf extracts and seeds are strongly recommended by Vedas as they are of high efficiency in curing diabetes.

• Aloe Vera: A recent study has shown that aloe vera has an antidiabetic effect and is of great help in reducing blood sugar level especially for people with type 2 diabetes. A mixture of ground bay leaf, aloe vera with turmeric on empty stomach, twice a day will do the work.

• Fenugreek Seeds: Start your day with all night soaked fenugreek seeds. This is not just good for maintaining blood sugar level but to a healthy person for avoiding diabetes risk in future.

• Banyan tree bark: With its anti-diabetic properties of hypoglycaemic, the bark also contains hypolipidaemic effect which lowers lipid.

• Turmeric: It is very beneficial for treating type 2 diabetes as the active polyphenol in turmeric known as curcumin resists insulin.

• Amla: A pinch of turmeric in amla juice at the beginning of your day is well appreciated by Vedas for controlling diabetes.

• Jamun Seeds: Twice/thrice daily with lukewarm water, powder of Jamun seeds is very advantageous.

• Other foods that Ayurveda experts suggest for the diabetic patients and which can be consumed with proper prescription by the doctors are drumstick, green gram, horse gram, cucumber, spinach, tulsi and snake gourd.


• Sugar: It should strictly be avoided while following Ayurveda lifestyle or at least be reduced to a minimum level.

• Maida (flour): Maida is the next food which is prohibited after sugar for a diabetic patient though it doesn’t taste sweet it raises blood sugar level just as sugar does.

• Alcohol and smoking: Alcohol disturbs the medication and also causes blood sugar level to rise or fall which can further cause hypoglycaemia.

• Sleeping in the daytime: Napping for more than half an hour in a go can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. Being physically active is very important.

• Stress: Many Ayurveda philosophers stress on not to stress to maintain a healthy lifestyle, not just for people with diabetes.

• Avoid refined foods and drinks as it can increase the level of cholesterol and carbohydrates.

• Dairy products like ice cream, cheese, butter, ghee, and yogurt must be avoided at maximum times.

• Use of Spices: Anything that is rich in salt should be avoided.

• White rice: Starch from white rice badly affects blood sugar level and should be consumed as minimum as possible.

Though with Ayurveda you can have a great and healthy lifestyle, it is very important to consult your doctor before adding any of the above items in your diet list. Also, living actively, exercising daily and avoiding stress must be taken care of at all times.

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