Ayurveda diet Tips For Rainy Season Here are a few tips on how to stay absolutely fit and fine this Monsoon as per the guidelines of Ayurveda.

Hey, it’s raining and we are actually enjoying it. The arrival of the monsoon has actually brought many new things along with it. The new things actually include diseases and fantasies to enjoy this season even more. Diseases have actually haunted people and all our tiny toddlers.

And when you are maintaining a diet then things put you in great question. So, what can actually be better than relying on Ayurveda for your diet? This has already proven good along with in terms of positive health results. So, let’s see what are the tips Ayurveda has actually reserved in advanced for the rainy season.

Ayurveda diet Tips - Diet food tip

So, your body during the monsoon:

Ayurveda has already gained a lot of importance in history and also today. The period of June-August describes the weakest months in which our digestive system is actually very weak. All the toxins which have been actually accumulated in our body take a toll on it and these in turn further imbalances our digestive functioning.

So, the monsoon is the best time to start a detox program and increase your immunity power. In most cases, many ayurvedic centers actually offer special monsoon packages.

What should you eat during the monsoon season?

So, keeping in view about your diet and the digestive functioning, just make sure that you eat lightly cooked food. This includes Khichdi, oats, and a supper that keeps you light. Yes, Detox tea is also favorable during this season.

It can be heated well with ginger. Other foodstuffs that you should eat include ghee, garlic, and barley. Bitter foods help in fighting the infections that actually make the rounds during the monsoon season.

You can also include bitter gourds and fenugreek seeds in your diet too. You should only drink boiled or filtered water. Also, make sure that you consume your food within 2 hours of preparing it.

Green leafy vegetables and salads are very harmful during monsoon because germs can actually multiplicate very easily. Avoid taking stuff like pasta, soups, and junk food. Also avoid eating out because they cause serious infections such as diarrhea, viral fever, and water-borne diseases.

What should you not eat during monsoon?

Well, with the arrival of the monsoon, make sure that you plan a fixed diet plan. But, you should not eat raw foods that include uncooked green leafy vegetables like lettuce. During monsoon make sure that you avoid all the oily food. Also, there is a need for you to stay away from fermented food. In monsoon season avoid eating beans and certain lentils.

But in case, if you want to eat it, try cooking them with asafetida to reduce their gassy effects. Also, avoid eating from roadside vendors with questionable hygiene.

Just make sure that you work according to your planned diet and make sure that follow the strict healthy regime because this will actually help you. The reason is that it is a great cure for your digestive disorders.

Let us make you easy for you by preparing the monsoon diet chart with some extensive Ayurveda diet tips:

#1 Breakfast

Cow’s milk is a good ingredient for breakfast. Ingredients used for breakfast should be easily digestible, light, provide quick energy, and not lead to lethargy. Barley and gram are such cereals. Avoid wheat and Maida for breakfast, as they are difficult to digest.

#2 Lunch

Begin the lunch with something sweet – a fruit or sweet, followed by the main course that must contain salty, sour, and pungent foods. End the meal with bitter and astringent digestive items like saunf or ajwain as mouth fresheners.

#3 Dinner

Dinner should be very light. Rice and milk should form the core of this meal. Heavy cereals like wheat are best avoided during the night time; consider replacing it with jowar/jola (corn) Rotis; corn is more digestive. Take dinner only if you feel light; if you’ve already had something heavy for an evening snack, skip the dinner and just have one or two bananas and a big glass of milk. Buffalo milk, in particular, is known to facilitate good sleep at night.

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