9 The Best Healthy Canned Foods, According To A Dietitian

Let’s face it; canned foods are a blessing! No matter how much you love to cook, there will be days when you are super tired and are looking for quick meals. Canned foods, especially canned meats, are a savior these days. Just pop them open, saute a little, and you are good to go!

Canned food can be unhealthy, though, so consuming them in extreme portions can harm your health. But if you are looking to stock up on a few healthy canned foods, here is a list of the best ones in the market – approved by a dietician, no less! Read on to know more.


The Best Healthy Canned Foods

#1 Canned Fish

Fish is one of the healthiest food options due to the immense amount of protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, and other nutrients they pack. But they do tend to be pricey. So switch to canned fish like canned tuna, salmon, or sardines. Add them to your sandwich or salad to make a quick, nutrient-rich, and healthy meal!

#2 Canned Beans

How can you go wrong with a good can of beans? They are packed with nutrients, fibers, and proteins and are vegan-friendly too! They are some of the best options for those looking for healthy, nutrient-rich food to consume on their own or to add to any dishes. Make sure you get the low sodium ones to avoid the harmful components while getting all the goodness of the beans.

#3 Diced Tomato

When it comes to versatility, nothing beats tomatoes. This vegetable can be added to almost anything and everything, and it will go perfectly with it! While fresh tomatoes do have a singular taste, diced tomatoes are super flavorful too! Especially if you are a resident of a cold region, you have to depend on diced tomatoes. They are a great add-on option for any dish and are also widely available.

#4 Coconut Milk

Are you a vegan or a lactose-intolerant individual looking for good milk alternatives? Then choose coconut milk. Not only is it creamy and flavorful, but it is also a very affordable dairy-free option. Canned coconut milk is great for smoothies or curries – you won’t believe how it can enhance your everyday food!

#5 Canned Pumpkin

Pumpkins are not just for the fall – canned pumpkins are available all year round and taste just like fresh ones! Loaded in fiber and VItamin A, they add a unique touch to several dishes. What’s more, if you love Starbucks pumpkin spiced lattes, get home a can of pumpkin and make it yourself! You can also add pumpkins to your oatmeals or hummus and even make a pumpkin pie or a soup out of it.

#6 Canned Meats

I know it is a little suspicious how canned meats stay intact but trust me, they do! You can try canned chicken breast, canned turkey, canned bacon, and so much more! All you have to do is check the ingredients list to ensure they are not loaded with sodium.

And yes, they can be healthy too! Among canned meats, canned bacon is the most beneficial option. They contain less sodium than the others while being high in protein.

#7 Artichokes

Artichokes are an underrated star among veggies. Not only are they super healthy, but they are also delicious. Add them to any dish and watch it evolve from something boring to a dish with an explosion of flavors! Make sure you get the water versions – the pre-marinated added flavor ones take away the actual taste of artichokes, replacing it with a truckload of unhealthy sodium.

#8 Corn

Corn is a highly recommended option if you are looking for something versatile and healthy. With almost 3gm of fiber, 100 calories per serving, it is a delicious snack. Corn is also loaded with potassium, iron, and B vitamins that improve heart and vision health. So buy yourself good canned corn (with less sodium, of course) and make them a part of your diet routine! Add them to your salad, sandwich, or stew, and you have a hefty meal in your hands. They have an excellent shelf-life too, so you don’t even have to worry about spoiling them!

#9 Beets

Fresh roasted beets taste heavenly but take so long to cook! Beets are healthy food products that help our bodies fight inflammation, boost athletic performance, and lower blood pressure! To get all the goodness of beets, just buy them canned! You will get all the nutrition and flavor and not even work for it too hard!

Choosing the right canned food is all a game of strategy – just keep looking through the ingredients list, select the ones with the least sugar and salt, and you have the best ones in your hands! So go to your nearest supermarket, take a little time to go through the racks, and we are sure you will find all the above-mentioned canned foods tucked away! Happy shopping!

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