7 + Secret Hair Care Tips For Maintaining Healthy Hair

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your hair looks so healthy and shiny you can’t even get your hand off from them and other times your hair seems brittle and dry that makes you sad? The reason behind hair healthiness totally lies in how do you take care of them ?. As long as your hair gets proper nourishment and care it will be healthy and luscious. In this article, you are going to be introduced to secret hair care tips for maintaining healthy hair.

As I mentioned before the only thing that can get you healthy hair is proper care and maintenance of hair. Firstly, we need to address a crucial question of how to take care of your hair naturally? So that you can get stronger and healthier hair.

Before we jump onto amazing hair care tips. We need to know what damages our hair so that we can avoid further damage.


What Causes Hair Damage?

Extreme pollution, dry and rough air are some of the external factors of hair damage. On external factors, we pretty much don’t have control over it but there are some other factors that damage our hair intensely that can be avoided and diminished.

Here are some causes of hair damage that need to be acknowledged and avoided in order to maintain our hair health.

  • Excessive uses of hair styling tools
  • Improper diet
  • Bleach and hair coloring
  • Over hair washing
  • Combing in wet hair
  • Avoiding hair trimming
  • Lack of moisturization
  • Stress
  • Improper towel hair drying

Now you got familiar with enough causes of brittle hair. It’s up to you if you want to reduce the damage or you let your hair that deserves to be gorgeous be the victim of hair damage.

I know you want to give your hair what it truly deserves and the following hair care tips for long and shiny hair will help you to get the hair you have always fantasized about.

7 + Secret Hair Care Tips For Maintaining Healthy Hair

Although, long and silky hair is every girl’s dream. Maybe that’s why it seems to be difficult to attain them. But actually, it is earlier than you think all you need to do is to make small changes in your hair habits and follow some really simple hair care tips for long and strong hair.

So let me walk you through the secret hair care tips for maintaining healthy hair.

#1. Hair Washing Routine

Everyone talks about skincare routine but very few know and talk about hair wash routine. Likewise, we follow a skincare routine to intact our skin’s beauty, a hair care routine helps to intact our hair health.

Hair washing routine simply means using hair care products in the right order. Firstly don’t forget to oil your hair before you wash them. Secondly use a conditioner, Thirdly use heat protection serum if you blow-dry your hair otherwise use a leave-in conditioner or serum. That’s the normal hair care routine you should follow every time you wash your hair.

#2. Use Right Hair Products

Just like different skin types need products that fulfill their requirements your hair needs the right products according to your hair type and hair problems.

Firstly, you need to understand what is your hair type, is your hair dry, oily, normal. Secondly, take a look at what hair problems you are facing, it could be hair fall, dandruff, oily scalp, dry hair, and others. After that research the best products that are formulated for your hair type and hair problems. For instance: if your scalp and hair are dry you need to search for a good moisturizing shampoo for dry hair.

#3. Take Care of Scalp

It wouldn’t be wrong if we compare our hair scalp to the land where a plant and tree grows. If the land is fertilized the growth of the plant is certain but if it is unfertilized nothing growth will be slow no matter what quality seed, fertilizers, interrogation, and effort you put in. Likewise, when our scalp is healthy it absorbs nourishment and pumps it to hair from the roots to tips. And makes your hair moisturized and healthy.

Keep your scalp clean and dandruff-free can save you from hair problems like hair fall, baldness, dry and itchy scalp, inflammation, dry and frizzy hair.

#4. Deep Condition With Hot Oil

Regular Hot oil is the best way to provide nutrients and nourishment to your hair. Argan oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil are enriched with fatty and vitamins to make your hairs thicker, stronger, and shinier.

Moreover, hot oil massage stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and keeps your scalp clean and nourished.

#5. Get Your Hair Trimmed Regularly

Trimming is not only the best way to get rid of split ends but it also helps your hair to grow and prevent hair fall. Now you might be thinking how. Our hair generally starts to get damaged from the tips as a result we get split ends, then split ends cause excessive hair breakage and hair fall. Moreover, hair trimming is believed to be the fast hair growth secret.

#6. Rinse Off With Cold Water

Hot water damages hair follicles and makes your scalp dry. As a result dandruff starts to kick in and aggravates hair fall and itchiness in the scalp. So It’s time to switch your hot shower into cold water. It’s not only good for your hair health but also keeps you refreshed and more attentive throughout the day.

#7. Healthy Diet

Besides hair care products, the health of your hair depends on what you eat. When your hair doesn’t get proper nutrients it starts to give you signals to feed it with essential vitamins and minerals for improving your hair health.

Vitamin A, B, C, E, protein, zinc, iron, and fatty acid-rich diet is considered to be one of the best natural hair growth tips that helps you to get longer, stronger, and shinier hair.

#8. Apply Onion Juice on Hair

Onion is infused with antioxidants and sulfur which not only help in hair growth but also helps to regrow hair by stimulating blood flow in the scalp. It also adds shine to your hair and makes them magnificent.

Online juice is easy to apply; you just need to follow some simple steps for how to apply onion juice to the hair. And you are all set to get gorgeous hair.

In this article, you have learned about some amazing secret hair care tips for maintaining healthy hair which really doesn’t require a lot of your time and effort. You just need to tweak some habits and use home remedies for stronger, healthier, and luscious hair.

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